PCH Trip Day Two: Monterey and Carmel

We enjoyed sleeping in yesterday, something we don’t get to do very often anymore!  Although, sleeping in now means 8:30am and not 11am!

We got breakfast at a delicious place in Santa Cruz, the Bagelry.  I got a blueberry bagel topped with cream cheese, raspberry jam, and toasted cashews.  The husband got an everything bagel topped with dill cream cheese and salmon.  They were delicious!

We set out for the Mystery Spot, a place in the redwood forest that seems to defy the laws of gravity and physics.  Things grow at weird angles, you can stand straight up but look like you’re standing sidwways, etc.  Theories range from an unseen navigational system for flying saucers (seriously) to excessive carbon dioxide to some unseen magnetism.  Reservations were recommended, but we didn’t know what time we were going to be there and thought we’d be safe on a weekday.  We were wrong; the wait was four hours.  Mark was very sad.


We said no-thank-you and instead headed to Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

The drive there was an enjoyable jaunt through mapdot towns.  We went for a short hike in the 18,000 acre park, where we saw trees that were 70 feet in circumference and 300 feet tall!  Catching them on camera was comical, there was just no good way to show the vastness of these trees in one shot.


From the state park we headed south to Monterey.  Monterey has a lot of tourist attractions (most notably their aquarium), but none that we were particularly interested in.  We grabbed a microbrew from Cannery Row Brewery and then moseyed around the town, stopping at local stores and bakeries along the way.  At one point the husband said “You keep disappearing and then I have to look around for a chocolate shop.”

We sat by the beach for awhile, where we saw some kayakers and some seals.


We then headed downtown to the Farmer’s Market.  I love the farmer’s markets in Kansas City, but California ones are really more my style.  Lots and lots of fruits and berries!  Lemons, avocados, strawberries, grapes blueberries,  plouts, plums, yumm yumm yumm!  And lots of it was organic.  The husband and I got some stuff to eat for breakfast tomorrow.


Also, for $2 your kid could ride one of these stuffed animals, which I found hilarious.


Next we headed just a few minutes south to Carmel-By-The-Sea.  We checked into our AirBnB house and were pleasantly surprised by the graciousness of the host and the beautiful views!  It sits on the hillside overlooking the town and the mountains!  It is a very nice place.



View of Carmel from her living room

A colleague located in San Francisco recommended a place called Casanova for dinner.  We ate there and were not disappointed!  The restaurant was in a little old house and the ambiance was wonderful. I got fresh salmon and the husband got a seafood medaly. 


We wanted to get an early start the next day so after dinner we called it an early night and headed to bed.  Next up:  Hiking through Big Sur!

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