PCH Day Three: Big Sur

Yesterday we drove through an area known as Big Sur (you may have heard of this area if you followed the controversery surrounding Sean Parker’s wedding).  There is no town called Big Sur; it is a mostly undeveloped area that stretches along California’s Central Coast.  The mountains meet the sea in this collection of state and federal parks.It is really impossible to express the beauty of this area in words, and not even pictures do it justice.  The area is just so vast and so breathtaking that a camera lens can’t capture it all.  But here are some attempts:

Point Lobos State Reserve, where we saw very cool rock and sand formations and wild seals from a distance:


Giant cool rocks

Giant cool rocks

Close up of the giant cool rocks

Close up of the giant cool rocks

Sand designs- this was as hard as a rock

Sand designs- this was as hard as a rock

Views from the drive:


Bixby Bridge

Bixby Bridge


See the road?

See the road?

This is taken from a restaurant we stopped at

This is taken from a restaurant we stopped at

Pfeiffer Beach, the most beautiful beach I have ever been to.  It is reached by two miles of VERY windy, VERY narrow roads.








Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park:



As we were wrapping up the drive, we passed an area where lots of people were looking at the sea.  We weren’t sure what they were looking at so we stopped to see.  The answer?  Elephant seals!  The males weigh up to 5,000 pounds and they were all over this little beach:



Our day ended when we got to San Luis Obispo (SLO), a town Oprah once called “the Nicest Place in America”.  Our AirBnB house is a little surburban but very nice, and the host is great.  SLO is the home of CalPoly University’s 20,000 students, so we decided to go downtown.  It was quaint and reminded me a lot of another college town we’re very fond of, Columbia, MO!  Lots of quaint shops and cool bars.  We got burgers and then played games at a local brewery before heading back and enjoying some time in the hot tub!  Up next:  Wineries and Santa Barbara!


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