Backpacks for Refugee Children!

Sometimes my husband does annoying things, like letting his life revolve around the Kansas City Royals or telling me he’ll do yoga with me and then skipping out or mentioning the word “blueberry” to Wiggles.

But sometimes he does things that make me fall in love with him all over again.

You probably know that the husband and I volunteer with Jewish Vocational Services (JVS).  They are a great non-profit that, among other things, helps refugee families settle in the Kansas City area.  (Sidenote: My 30th birthday party benefiting JVS is in about 2 weeks.  Have you bought your ticket yet?  $15 now, $20 at the door).  Each year, JVS puts out a call to their volunteers to help with school supplies.

Have you ever bought school supplies?  They’re kind of pricey.  But totally necessary, especially for refugee children trying to build better lives for themselves.

Each year, our church does a back-to-school backpack drive where members fill up backpacks to distribute to needy children.  It’s a really good, really easy way for members of the Vineyard KC North to give back.

This year, the husband had a great idea- what if we combined our church’s backpack drive with JVS’s need for supplies?  He emailed a pastor, Kevin, who totally hooked us up.  The church had a record year for backpacks- over 500!- and 70 of these went to our friends at JVS.

They were stoked!  These backpacks were truly a blessing for their organization and are already being enjoyed by dozens of refugee children starting new lives here in the United States.



mark and martin

This was a great partnership that we hope can continue in the years to come!  So proud of the husband for coordinating and so thankful to the people of the Vineyard for making this happen!


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