I Need a List for All My Lists!

People, I have a serious problem and need help.

I’ve just recently realized I’m not normal.  Well, I always knew that.  But I recently realized I’m not normal for a whole new reason.

I’ve always been a list-maker.  Sometimes a project feels overwhelming, with all of the deadlines and things to do swimming around my brain.  Making a list helps me visualize all that needs done and makes it seem doable.  Sometimes I write down things I’ve already done just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off.  Lots of people do this, I think.  I don’t know if that means I’m type A, or just a planner, or perhaps it means I’m organized.  But it’s not that concerning.

What IS concerning is that recently I was updating several different lists and I began to realize that I take this to a whole new level.  To a level that is not normal.

Here are examples of lists I maintain or have maintained in the past:

Books that I’ve read:


All the monthly groceries I buy, the unit price, and the cheapest place to source them from:


The weight I gained when I was pregnant with Wiggles:


How I spend my time:


My volunteer hours:


Flight comparison for our recent trip:


And this is just the beginning!  This doesn’t even include the personal graphs I keep, like all of those related to finance or when my cycle starts.  I need help!  Is there A Listmakers Anonymous group?


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