Our Growing Family- Part 1

We had so much trouble conceiving Wiggles, and ran into so many hurdles with our adoption, that we honestly wondered if Wiggles would be it for us. That’s not what we wanted- I especially want a big family, five or six kids- but we had been trying to come to a point where we could be okay with having just one baby.  Nearly every night I prayed that we would be blessed with lots of kids.

God listened.

In July I went to the lake with girlfriends.  I was fairly sure my monthly friend would make a visit so I brought along my lady supplies, but I certainly didn’t want to make my friend Corona wait on Mrs. Monthly; that would just be rude!  So I had a fun weekend and when monthly was still a no-show on Monday, I took a pregnancy test.  Positive!! I couldn’t believe it.  I mean, I literally couldn’t believe it.  I was used to a pregnancy taking years to achieve, not a few months.  I didn’t feel pregnant.  I was so super excited, but had such a hard time wrapping my mind around this fact.  Wiggles greeted the husband in a Big Brother shirt and then we got froyo to celebrate.

On Wednesday, July 24 2013- two days after we learned about the pregnancy- I got a call from the adoption agency with news of a referral.  A 7-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl!  I took off work immediately and rushed to meet the husband at home.  Felt like the longest drive ever.  We opened our email to find their beautiful, smiling pictures.  Gorgeous kiddos.  Was this really happening?!  Seriously?  Again?!

My mind was going absolutely wild during this time.  It’s impossible to put into words exactly what was racing through it, but here’s an attempt:

  • Oh my God
  • We’re going to have to sell our cars
  • Oh my God
  • Oh my God
  • Where are all these kids going to sleep?
  • Oh my God
  • I can’t wait to go to Africa!
  • How are we going to tell people the news?
  • Oh my God
  • We’ll have 3 kids in daycare
  • Oh my God
  • I wonder how this will work out timing-wise- if all goes perfectly (which never happens) they will be home about 3 months before Baby #2
  • Oh my God
  • That’s really not fair to bring older children home to a new family, new rules, new culture, new language, new food, 3 months before a new baby enters the pictures.  And 3 months is optimistic, it could be much closer.
  • Oh my God
  • Why the heck did the timing work this way?  We’ve been waiting for this referral since Wiggles was 6 months old!!!!
  • Oh my God
  • Oh my God
  • Are we seriously capable of this?
  • To go from 0-4 kids in less than 2-years is bat s*** crazy
  • Oh my God
  • This is so exciting!
  • Oh my God
  • How will this work with work?  We will have to take a lot of time off, like about 6 months between the both of us.  Is that even okay?
  • Oh my God
  • Is this seriously happening?
  • God sure has a funny sense of humor
  • Oh my God
  • Why would the timing work out this way unless it was really meant to be?  I mean, don’t we kind of have to say yes?
  • People who do crazy things are my favorite people
  • Oh my God

And on and on and on it went.  When I got home, the husband and I tried to talk, but he hadn’t really processed things yet and was being sort of quiet, which annoyed me because I needed to know that the same mind-craziness was happening to him too.  He said that men don’t go about spewing their thoughts aloud until they know what they think.

Men are so stupid.

The question we were trying to answer at this time, before we got back with the adoption agency, was “Do we want to do this?”

A newborn is hard work, yo.

I’ve heard that parenting older adopted children, especially those first few months (and even years) is really hard too.

Trying to do that while I’m 7, 8, 9 months pregnant?

Was that crazy or just plain stupid?

We did talk a little and were leaning towards ThisIsCrazyButWe’reGoingToDoItOhMyGodWe’reGoingToHaveFourKids…but we wren’t there yet.

Come back for more next time….


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