Boy or Girl?

When I was pregnant with Wiggles, I KNEW he was a boy. No sonogram or test told me this; I just knew. We didn’t find out the gender until he was born, and that was really fun! We might do it again this time, except that this time we have 3 kids on the way instead of 1. We have a LOT of unexpecteds over the coming months so I’m okay with limiting the surprises. We need to do all the planning and preparing we can now, before things get too crazy!!

I don’t have a strong feeling with this one at all. If I had to pick, I’d say girl, but it’s not a strong feeling. Nothing like I had with Wiggles.

Either one would truly be fine with us.

I really want a girl. I want someone who gets excited about going to dance recitals, someone to watch the Bachelor with me, I want to help plan a wedding someday. I love girls. It would be awesome to see what a biological girl is like. Would she be blonde-haired blue-eyed like Wiggles? Would she tumble all over the place like I used to? But I am going to have a daughter through adoption, so although I would be thrilled with a girl, I would also be okay with Cletus the Fetus not being a girl.

If Cletus the Fetus is a boy, that would be great. Cletus will be nearly exactly 2 years younger than Wiggles, and I can just picture the brothers becoming great friends (eventually). Boys are fun, boys are easier, boys kill bugs. I would be really happy if Cletus is a boy.

In just a couple hours our families are coming over. The husband’s boss’s wife baked us a cake. (So the husband’s boss knows and he doesn’t…weird. And the husband has been sitting in his cube all day next to the cake that reveals our future…amazing self-control, eh?) We’ll cut the cake together….blue inside means boy, pink inside means girl. Hopefully she didn’t screw up and give us a yellow cake.

My unofficial offical Facebook poll gives the edge to a girl…they were right!!



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