Four Days

We’ve been in this adoption process for three years now.  It’s moved painfully slowly, always.

Until this week.

This past week has been a little, um, crazy.  The agency called us Thursday the 7th.  They told us our court date had been scheduled for November 21st, 2 weeks from the day they called.  We were to be in Ethiopia by the 16th, nine days from the day they called.  We talked to a travel agent who specializes in adoption travel and found that in order to be there by the 16th, we had to leave on the 14th…one week from the day the agency called.

Wowzers!  I can’t quite put into words how weird it is to think that you’ll be on another continent meeting stranger children who will be your children in just a few days.  I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around it.  My head’s been too busy thinking about work coverage, Wiggles logistics, airline schedules, cleaning house, what to pack.  It hasn’t quite gotten to what we’ll say to the birth mom or how’ll we’ll react if the kids are shy or standoffish.  But now that we’re talking about those things….

I mean seriously….what the heck do you say to your kids’ birth mom, the one who gave them up?  The one who will never see them again?  Thanks?  We’ll take good care of them?  Nothing seems like enough.  No words can convey the hugeness, the finalness, the overwhelming emotions of that meeting.  I’ll probably just cry the whole time and she’ll think her kids are going to a foreign country with a nutjob for a mom.

And what do you say to kids you don’t know but call your kids?  Is there anything you can say?  I’m sure we’ll blow bubbles and kick soccer futballs and play tag….but these aren’t kids that you just randomly play with and then get on with your life.  Those kids we’ll be blowing bubbles with are kids whose tears we’re going to be drying, whose quirks we’re going to be learning, whose hands we’ll be holding as we walk in with them to their first day of school.  In a few days we’re going to meet kids who will forever become part of our family, and that is very weird.

And how are we ever going to leave them there?

Please keep us, Wiggles, the birth mom, the kids, and our parents who will be watching Wiggles in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks.  It’s a huge time in our lives, one we’ve been waiting over three years for, and we are excited and thrilled but also anxious and feeling insufficient.

Couple quick notes based on questions we’ve received lately:

  •  I’m 21 weeks pregnant today and feeling fantastic.  Not anymore worried about traveling than I would be not pregnant.
  • Yes, it’s recommended you get several shots before traveling to this area, but we got them last time around and most of them last a long time.  We only had to get 2 of them updated, and they are both safe for pregnant ladies.
  • We leave Thursday the 14th for a late flight to DC.  Overnight layover.  Leave Friday the 15th for a direct flight from DC to Ethiopia, arrive in Ethiopia Saturday morning.  Return to KC Sunday Nov 24th.
  • The long stretch of the flight from DC to Africa is 13.5 hours long.
  • Ethiopia is nine hours ahead of CST.
  • We’ll be leaving the capital city to meet the kids’ birth mom and see their home village.  We’ll be flying; it’s about an hour-long flight.
  • Wiggles is not going with us.  My parents and mom-in-law are sacrificing a lot to help us out, and we are so thankful for them and for our flexible baby-sitter (whom Wiggles adores).  Also for both of our bosses/jobs; they have been so great about working with us through this all.
  • The kids do not come home with us this time.  We’ll come back to the States for anywhere from 6-8 weeks or longer while the US Embassy does further research into the adoption.  We’ll have to wait to get an Embassy appointment, at which point we’ll travel again- only that time, the kids will come home with us to start their new lives!

So here we go…I sit here in the comfort of my home this Sunday night, blogging in climate control while drinking hot tea and thinking about what to bring for lunch tomorrow.

Next Sunday I’ll be sitting somewhere in a remote village in North Ethiopia, doing who knows what and thinking about what in the world I’ll say to the birth mom tomorrow.

What a difference a week makes!











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