Mom of the Year: When Your Baby Escapes

Most of the time Wiggles is pretty independent.  He’s pretty coordinated and our house is pretty childproof, so when a couple months ago- when he was 17-months old-we were all downstairs, and Wiggles chased the cat all the way upstairs, we didn’t worry too much.

We didn’t even worry that much when we heard the door to the steps close behind him (he’s very proud of the fact that he can reach doorknobs now, and proves it by pulling every door he can shut).

We didn’t worry when we heard his little feet stampede across the floor above us.

Instead, we sat there and talked for a couple minutes about how our baby is now a little boy, about how much fun he’s been lately.

Then we went upstairs to get him.

Only we couldn’t find him.

Not in the living room.

Not in the kitchen.

Not in the dining room.

Not in the bathroom.

Finally we spotted him.


On the front porch.

Our front screen door doesn’t always latch, and he had taken it upon himself to let himself outside.

It was fine- he didn’t make it that far- but both of our minds were filled with awful images of our little guy smushed flat on the street while we were downstairs talking about our day.

So go ahead and submit us for Parents of the Year!



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2 responses to “Mom of the Year: When Your Baby Escapes

  1. Sarah Stratman told me about your blog – and I’m so glad she did, I love it. We have so many similarities (I’m a Type A, “clean eating”, God loving gal 🙂 I love each one of your posts!

    I have a 2.5 year old – about 2 months ago my husband was in the back room and I was in the kitchen. His dad hollered at him to come back there, and he ran off – 10 minutes later he comes back up to me in the kitchen (me thinking he ran back to his dad, his dad just thinking he never came) with his hands FULL of outside toys. Literally, TEN MINUTES….he was outside….needless to say it wasn’t 24 hours later and we installed a latch lock at the very top of the door. Reminds you to NEVER judge a story – things like this happen to everyone!

  2. justjames44

    Oh wow! Scary! Since becoming a parent I have definitely become much less judgmental of all other parents! Glad he was okay. Nice to “meet” you!

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