Goals for the New Year

Last year the husband turned 30 and fell into a depression.

It’s something we joke about, but he was really bummed out for a long time.  He felt like he was just getting older and older and had nothing to look forward to.  I do not really struggle with aging so I just made fun of him, but after I realized he was being serious we decided to sit down and make a list of things we wanted to do.  We recently did this again for 2014.

Here are some of the things, if you’re the nosy type like I am:



You’ll see that for the most part, they’re nothing fancy.  Sure, we want to go camping in the Alps at some point in our lives, but we also want to go on a bike ride with the kids next year.  Many of them aren’t even S.M.A.R.T goals.  They’re just a way for us to keep in mind what we want to be working towards.  They’re a way to remind us that there are lots of good restaurants we want to try, so that the few times we eat out we don’t go to 54th Street yet again.  They’re a way to look back after a year of snotty noses, pee on the floor, and thrown food at dinnertime and remember that Hey- we’re really accomplishing things here.  They’re a way to help us prioritize our relationship during a time in our lives when just running a household can take every last morsel of energy.

As I mentioned, we did this last year and when we looked back on them, we didn’t get to cross many things off.  We set the goals and then kind of forgot about them while we were eating at 54th Street.  (mmmmm….Gringo dip).  This year we plan to talk about them every couple months to see how things are coming along.

I know we are weird, but really, if you don’t take a few hours a year to think about your intentions, your goals, what you want to get done- how do you end up spending your free time?  Doing things that matter or watching reruns on the couch (for me, it’s the latter).

So I urge you to join us on the weird train.  Grab a beer (Sharps for me, thank you).  Think about what you want to do next year.  Write it down.  Tell somebody.  Think small- last year some of our (failed) goals included visiting the WWI museum and eating fish twice a month.  But dream big- those are the ones that really give you something to look forward to.  Maybe you want to start eating more whole foods or run a marathon or build a deck or just try that restaurant you always pass down the road.  Maybe you want to give more to charity or start going to church or organize that closet or learn how to sew or read that book you never get around to.  What’s the best way to make sure you do these things you want to do?  Write it down.  Tell someone.

Just do it.

Then tell me about all the cool things you’ve done.


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