Update and Thank You

Yesterday I posted about some bad news we received about our adoption.

Here is the update.  I’m going to keep it fact-based and leave my opinions out of it for now.

Here’s how things work.  The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the department that is in charge of processing visas, including those for adopted children.  Since they don’t have an office in Ethiopia, they delegate that job to the Ethiopian US Embassy.  But the Embassy has limited authority to process the cases if they’re not cut and dry, which ours no longer is.  So when cases get complicated, the Embassy forwards the case to the nearest USCIS office, which is in Nairobi Kenya.  That’s where our case is headed next week.  I don’t really know much about what happens from here on out, but I’ve found some Facebook groups full of helpful people who have been there.  I will be an expert in no time.

Your support has been so overwhelming through this and I just wanted to thank you.  Really, truly thank you.

All of this has made me reflect on our whole journey, and the role my blog has played in it.  When I started it way back in 2010 we were struggling to get pregnant and adoption wasn’t even really in the picture.  It started as a small, private blog that I only shared with very close family and friends.  I wanted to share our infertility journey but not make people feel awkward asking about it, and I didn’t want to tell the same stories over and over.  Now it’s nearly 4 years later.  We almost adopted 2 kids, then we got pregnant, then we couldn’t adopt those 2 kids anymore even though we wanted to.  We had a baby who has taught us what love truly is.  Then we got referred 2 other kids, got pregnant again, traveled to Africa to meet those kids, and now this.  It’s really been a crazy few years.  Seriously crazy.  Our faith has been tested, our relationship has been tested, our views on adoption have been tested.

But one thing has remained strong through it all- and that’s your support.  Your comments, your private messages, your phone calls.  Your reaching out to others for prayers or clothing donations.  Your raising money for our adoption and your sending us gifts in the mail.  Your telling us we inspired you to consider adoption, or changed your views about interracial adoption.  Your sending us songs, or Bible verses, or just an encouraging word.  Your going out of the way to contact us even though we haven’t talked in 10 years.

And for those of you also going through adoption- your understanding in a way others can’t.  Your passing along of resources, of challenging our thoughts, of educating us.  Your sending us pictures and videos of our kids.  Your ways of connecting us to other groups that are helpful to us.  Your sharing your own stories that are so personal.

I’m 100% positive that we would not be where we are without you and your support.  All the things I mentioned above keep us going when we are down.

I don’t know why our family is coming together like this.  We didn’t plan on it and don’t deserve any credit for it, that’s for sure.  Most days I find it very beautiful and cool but somedays it is frustrating and I wish we could just build our family like normal people do.

Anyway, now I am rambling and I don’t really know how to end this post.  So again, thank you.  Thank You.  You truly make a difference in our attitudes and spirits.


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