Investigation Complete!

One of these days I will write something that isn’t about our adoption.  I even have a post ready to go!  But things keep happening and you all have been such a source of support that I feel an obligation to update you.

Last time I told you that I was having a difficult time dealing with everything.  The day after I wrote that post we got an email with good news.  The investigator has finished her investigation ahead of schedule and everything checked out!  The confusion that resulted from the Embassy interview was cleared up.  The birth mom, neighbors, orphanage director, everyone the investigator talked to said all the things we had hoped they would say and have left us with a sense of confidence that this adoption has been conducted as ethically as it possibly could have been. We haven’t gotten the transcripts yet to know for sure exactly what was said, but from what the investigator has told us via email we have a very strong case.

So what’s next?  We’re expecting the transcripts very soon- hopefully tomorrow.  We’ll use those to put together a formal written response.  The investigator is also snail-mailing us videos of the interviews along with some other materials.  We will have some experts review our response and then mail it along with the videos to the USCIS office in Nairobi.  Hopefully they will look at our case soon after receiving it and then tell us to come get our kids!

It’s too bad you can’t predict when babies will be born.  It’s looking like the big kids will come home either right before or right after baby, which is pretty much the worst possible timing we could have imagined.  I’m not sure which one I would prefer.  Our midwife mentioned that we could schedule an induction if there’s a chance the husband would miss the birth.  You guys know me…I’m all about natural labor so a scheduled induction is not at all what I want, but if my choices are a scheduled induction or the husband missing the birth of our baby….the choice is pretty easy for me.  Plus, I managed to have a natural labor with Wiggles despite being induced so I can totally do that again…right?  Right?

So, things are chugging along.  The next few weeks are going to be busy with putting together our case and stalking our tracking numbers…and then things are really going to get cray cray.

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