Who Decided We Should Be Blessed With Four Kids?

I have all these adoption/transition related posts ready to go, but tonight was one of those nights I just had to share.

Someone really screwed up when they decided we would have four kids.  Right now we only have one and this happened:

  • Got home.  Need to leave again in 20 minutes when the husband arrives home to watch Wiggles, so try to quickly unload car.
  • While unloading car, catch my nearly-2-year-old putting his tee ball in the litter box.  Put a stop to it.
  • Decide to quickly walk dogs and kid, get dog leashes ready
  • While doing so both dogs, who have lots of energy from being cooped up all day, run outside and down the street
  • Dash my 38.5 weeks pregnant self down the street after the dogs
  • Remember that my nearly-2-year-old is playing in the open garage and putting things in litter box
  • Pray he doesn’t eat cat poop or run into the street
  • Chase dogs some more
  • Capture dogs
  • Pray more, kid is totally out of sight
  • Bring dogs back to house.  Kid is safe and poop free as far as I can tell.
  • Tell kid it’s time to go for a walk.  He runs over, trips, and his body does the worm.  His lip starts bleeding.
  • Scoop up kid, decide it’s a minor injury, deliver kisses
  • Dog yangs on leash, I drop it
  • Dog runs out into street
  • Retrieve dog, which requires bending my very round self over while holding a still-crying kid and keeping the other dog safe
  • Go inside, dogs still on leashes and getting tangled, to clean up the blood
  • Clean up blood
  • Discover dog poop on floor

Then the husband got home, we went on a quick walk, and I headed off to the Melting Pot to catch up with an old friend.  All’s well.  But seriously?  This times 4?  Lord have mercy.



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One response to “Who Decided We Should Be Blessed With Four Kids?

  1. Emily

    This definitely made me laugh. I have experienced similar days! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂

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