Ain’t No Party Like an Airport Party….

In the next few weeks we’ll be going from a family of 3 to a family of 6.

It’s been so fun to share this journey with all of you.  Four years ago when I started this blog I had no clue our lives would turn out this way.  At that time we were in the throes of infertility treatments and adoption was a distant thought.  You all have been there for us through our first adoption that didn’t work out, the conception and birth of Wiggles (well, not actually there, that’d be weird), the announcement of our second pregnancy, and the ups and downs of our second adoption.  Building our family has taken us on a totally wild ride and we’ve been so blessed to share the highs and lows with you.  Sometimes we just step back and chuckle at how things are working out.  I mean really, with everything we’ve been through, what is the likelihood of everything coming together within just a couple weeks?!

Since you all have been there for us from IUI to lost referrals to second babies, we would love for you to be there for the conclusion- or maybe the start- of our family building.  Like actually there.  Like at the airport when the kids get off the plane.  If you’re able to, we’d love for you to meet us at the airport to welcome the big kids home.  This will be a great way to briefly meet the kids and show them how many people are excited to meet them! Don’t expect much….they will be arriving home after 30 hours of travel and will be tired and likely terrified.  But if you’re able to meet us at KCI, we would love the support.  I’m not sure I feel comfortable sharing the flight information online, so if you’re interested in this let me or the husband know and we’ll share it with you directly.  We are still firming up dates but most likely they will arrive back the first Friday or Saturday in April.  And bring your cameras!  In fact, inviting you is actually a ruse to get lots of people there with cameras.  I’d really like some good pictures but want to live in that moment without worrying about getting the best shots.  So please, come take lots of pictures and help us welcome these kids home.

(Sidenote:  I think I’m really building up this airport scene too much in my head.  In my mind, everyone is well behaved and the big kids are happy to be home and excited to see me.  I know that high expectations lead to disappointment.  Please have sympathy for me when the actual airport scene looks like this:  Newborn screaming her head off, Wiggles laying on the floor screaming because I told him he’s done going up and down the escalators for the 846th time or something equally dramatic, Mareg cranky from being so tired, and Yordanos terrified and running back to the plane. And please take lots of pictures of this scene because someday it WILL be funny.  Please remind me of that too).

After we get home we’d love for you to come visit us.  My sister is putting together an online meal sign up- more information on that coming soon.  Most adoption experts recommend holing up with your new kids for a little while.  You don’t want the kids to be more overwhelmed than they already are, or to think that normal life includes a steady stream of visitors, or to be confused about what adults are responsible for caring for them.  So yes, we are excited for you to meet these kids and definitely want you to come visit.  But please be respectful of what these kids are going through and understand if we need to cancel or change times.  And if you are kind enough to bring us a meal I thank you 1,000 times in advance because that was one of the biggest blessings after Wiggles was born.  But please understand if it’s been a rough day and we can’t chat for long. Basically, thank you in advance and apologizes in advance if we are short, self-focused, or just not very gracious those first few weeks/months.  It’s a huge transition for us and it will likely take us awhile to get into a groove.

For those with kids who will play with ours- involve them now!  If you’re able to come to the airport, have your kids make signs.  Explain to them what adoption is.  Make sure they understand, the best they can, that our kids won’t speak English or know basic American customs like gift unwrapping or how to play whatever the coolest video game is.  Our kids will need friends to help with their adjustment and language acquisition, but kids can be so mean to those who are different…and our kids will be very different at first.

The count down is on- baby will be here in 4 days or less and big kids will be here in less than 3 weeks.  After all this time it’s so hard to believe!  We are so thankful for all of your interest and support and hope to see some of you at the airport!


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