Meal Train

I’m Jayme’s sister Kaydee, and I’ve hijacked Jayme’s blog:

The time has finally come to start planning how we will provide practical support for Mark and Jayme during this crazy time!  We’ve all been anxiously awaiting this moment, and though it seemed like it would never come, it is near. Scary near. I know how hard it was to even think about preparing meals with one new baby, I think I would’ve starved if I had another toddler and two older kids from another continent to take care of!

So here’s how the meal train works. Just go to this website, pick a date to provide a meal, and input your plans (so they don’t get 20 lasagnas). The beauty of this is, we all know when they are taken care of and how we can best help, without giving Jayme one more thing to keep track of. They can rest assured that they’ll have dinner that night (and can arrange for other plans on nights that aren’t covered). On the website you’ll also find likes, dislikes, and contact information. Just text Jayme when you’re on your way so they can expect you!

My email is also included on the website if you have any questions! I know that Mark and Jayme have such an amazing support group, so thank you all!


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