Adjusting to A New Baby

We’ve had one week as a family of four.

Tomorrow morning the husband and his mom leave to go pick up our big kids!!!  The bags are packed and everything is ready to go.  It is so, so, so hard to believe that after all this time this adoption is finally, actually, really happening.

So how are things with baby?  Let me tell you, this baby is nothing but sweet.   She is eating great and sleeping great.  (The first few nights she slept pretty decent, but would only sleep when cuddled next to me..and I am personally not into cosleeping.  But I think she was just cold.  I started dressing her warmer and she’s been in her crib or pack and play ever since).  She sleeps a LOT, sometimes 20 hours a day.  When she is awake, she is rarely fussy.  Her steely blue eyes just take in this big world around her.  She is quite content and sweet as can be.  When I was pregnant I would pray daily that this baby would be healthy and easy, because I didn’t know if I could handle a difficult baby on top of everything else.  So far, so good….let’s hope it stays this way and she’s not just buttering us up before she becomes rotten!

Overall the adjustment from 1-2 has been easier than from 0-1.  When you go from 0-1, your whole lifestyle changes.  Also, there’s only 1 kid so the workload tends to fall on one person…usually the woman of the relationship.  When you go from 1-2 you’re already in kid mode and there’s plenty for both partners to do.  This baby has just fit right into our lives as if she’s belonged here all along.

Wiggles is adjusting pretty well to the baby.  Most of the time he doesn’t even acknowledge that she’s there.  Occasionally he is very sweet- he’ll kiss her when she cries, or tell us “sssshhhh!” when she’s sleeping.  And every now and then he is downright mean.  We had newborn pictures done and asked for a few of the family, forgetting about the fact that Wiggles is in a phase where he really hates the camera.  During the photo shoot he kicked the baby and tried to drag her out of the dollhouse by the foot.  So yeah, he’s still learning how to be gentle with her.

We also want to thank those of you who have brought us meals or have signed up to bring us meals.  With everything going on it is SUCH a blessing not to meal plan and cook.  We appreciate that so much!  And also to my parents, who volunteered to baby-sit tonight.  The husband and I got to spend 90 minutes alone as a couple with no kids- which I’m pretty sure isn’t going to happen again for a long time.  I mean who wants to baby-sit four kids that speak no English?!

Speaking of newborn pics, check them out if you missed them on Facebook!  These are just the sneak peak, more to come!  I’m totally biased but I think she’s pretty darn cute, and the one of her and her daddy totally melts my heart.  🙂

Photography credit to Brynn Whitney Photography

64890_622599901159098_130162606_n 1939880_622599954492426_1317885826_n 1979895_622599857825769_561964732_n 10154242_622599874492434_1520454617_n 10155624_622599864492435_2060425619_n


So week 1 is down and things are going better than we had hoped.

Week 2- Husband in Africa, me home alone with 2 kids.

Week 3- Everyone home!!

Let’s hope this pattern continues

(by that, I mean the pattern of things going better than we had hoped.  Not the pattern of obtaining an average of one kid/week.)


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  1. I am soooo happy for you guys!!!! Kids are a blessing and you’re going to have lots of them 🙂

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