First Day With The Kids

So, the husband and mom-in-law are in Ethiopia WITH OUR KIDS!!!!

They left Saturday morning.  They had an overnight layover in DC and then boarded Sunday morning for Africa. That’s the same schedule we did in November and it’s hard.  Since you board in the morning you are not tired and it’s next to impossible to sleep on the plane.  When you land on Ethiopian soil, it’s around 10PM CST so you’re ready for bed- but it’s 7AM local time.  So instead of going to bed you get to start a new day.  It’s tough.  The husband said the trip got off to a rough start.  Not only were they tired, but their driver was not where he was supposed to be.  They had a hard time finding someone who could a. understand what they needed and b. was willing to let them use their phone, but they finally tracked the driver down and made it to the guest house.  They got to rest for a couple hours and then headed to the transition home where the kids have been since last fall.

The husband said that when they saw the kids Yordanos was jumping up and down with the biggest smile and Mareg wouldn’t stop kissing him!  The director of the transition home greeted them and then left saying she would be back shortly…and then disappeared for five hours. Finally she got back and they got to leave with the kids.

Back at the guest house both of the kids had meltdowns- I can’t imagine how overwhelming this week/month is going to be for them.  Once they got calmed down everyone went to a nearby restaurant.  They had great service and Mareg thought his burger and fries meant he had arrived in heaven!

After dinner they went back to the guest house.  They opened the kids’ suitcase.  There was nothing super special in their suitcase- just clothes, shoes, toiletries, a doll, some books, and some crayons/coloring books.  The husband said the kids were SO excited to go through everything!!  Yordanos really wanted to sleep in her swimsuit.  I hadn’t even thought about them being excited to receive these everyday things- makes you realize how much you take for granted.  Also makes me wonder how they’re going to react to their new house and belongings.

Tonight while we sleep everyone will go to their Embassy appointment, which is the last and final step in this adoption! They have several free days to get to know each other and spend some time in a familiar culture. Then later this week the kids will receive their visas and passports and will be on their way to becoming US Citizens!

Thank you to all of you who have expressed interest in our story, and especially to those who have called or texted this week to see how I’m holding up.  Honestly, being home with 2 kids has been way easier than I was anticipating.  It helps that the baby is sleeping well and is overall an easy baby- though I’m slightly terrified that she’s just hustling me and is going to turn rotten next week or month when we’re in the thick of things with the big kids.  I expected staying home with a 23-month-old and a 1-week-old to be really hard.  What I didn’t expect was for a little piece of my heart to break when I get updates from the husband.  I get SO excited to read the updates- but then really sad that I’m missing out on these special moments.  I know my infant needs me more and I’m where I’m supposed to be- but that part is really difficult.  I’m enjoying these peaceful moments with my two littles but can’t wait until we are all united as a family of six!


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2 responses to “First Day With The Kids

  1. Judy

    Well have of the trip is over and now you have your kiddos forever what a special trip for grandma miller!! So excited for you!!!! How are you feeling physically ?

    • justjames44

      I feel great physically! I have been so lucky; with both of my kiddos I have been super sore for about two days but after that feel almost back to normal

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