Day Two

I’m not going to update every single day forever, but there are so many things happening right now that I want to make sure to record them- and of course you’re invited for the ride.

Yordanos woke up crying.  I laid down next to her and as I thought about her situation- a not-quite-five-year-old girl waking up in a strange country, a strange house, with strange parents who speak a strange language, I couldn’t help but cry too.  We laid under the blankets and cried together for awhile…and then I lured her out of bed by getting out her favorite pink rain boots.  She is the biggest girly-girl I’ve ever met and insisted on wearing nice Easter-y type dresses today.

Both kids made their beds perfectly before they even stepped foot out of the room, with no prompting from us.  The husband said they did this in Ethiopia too.  We praise this heavily 🙂

I made a schedule and we stuck to it today.  It includes things like lesson time, game time, free play, exercise time, outdoor time, etc.  I think these kids are going to thrive with a routine.  Their favorite parts of the day were probably our kitchen dance party and our game of Memory.

Today our lessons revolved around ABCs.  Oh boy, do we have a long ways to go.  Neither one of them can sing the alphabet or recognize many letters.

Yordanos should go to kindergarten this fall if we don’t hold her back.  She has plenty of time to catch up.  Marig (we’re still deciding if we should spell his name with an ‘e’ or an ‘i’) has a LOT of learning to do.  It’s overwhelming.  I don’t think he’s ever been in school.  He struggles to put together Wiggle’s puzzles and he can’t tie his shoes.  Luckily we’re in one of the best school districts for kids who don’t speak English- in fact, 20% of the kids at our elementary school are English Language Learner (ELL) kids.  The principal seems great and has been very reassuring that with home support he’ll catch up in no time.  I will believe it when I see it because it seems really unlikely right now.

Both kids, but especially Marig, are great helpers.  With a little guidance from us they carry their dishes to the sink, pick up their toys, etc.  Sometimes Marig will even go above and beyond- today I was rinsing off the dishes and he came and asked me for a rag to wipe the table.  Marig also helped us rake the backyard:


While Yordanos and Wiggles had fun playing in the leaves:


Marig may have a future in baseball, which makes the husband excited!  He had no clue how to hold a bat but by the third pitch he almost hit the neighbors house!

Yordanos can’t sit still when she hears music.  The girl loves to dance!

They have had TOTALLY opposite reactions to our pets.  Marig chases them until he captures them and then proudly shows us how he’s holding them.  Yordanos freaks out and nearly climbs the wall trying to avoid them.

Marig said “oh shit” today.  He also says “ohmyGod” a lot.  Neither one are things we really ever say; not sure where he picked them up.

Both kids have volume control issues, probably a result of fighting for attention at the orphanage.  We are constantly reminding them not to yell.

We thought the kids would be good at playing independently.  This has not been true at all.  They are so attention-starved that they are constantly in our business.  It’s both endearing and annoying.

Both kids really enjoyed our walks today.  Yordanos is terrified to cross the street- she dashes across as fast as she can.  One time we were about 3/4 of the way across as a car approached in the distance. It was parallel to how we were walking so we didn’t even need to hurry, but Yordanos immediately turned and ran back!  I couldn’t help but laugh at her.


Marig found my 8-pound handweights today and decided to show me how he pumps iron:


Then he thought he needed to really show off his muscles:


Then Yordanos wanted to take off her dress to lift weights and I had to put a stop to that.

We took Wiggles to daycare today.  When I left to pick him up Yordanos was not happy- As I drove away she was crying on the front porch.  I thought we were on the verge of a breakdown, but the husband said she was ready to play just a couple minutes after I left!

Yordanos is very interested in me nursing the baby and tried to nurse the baby herself.

The kids took baths tonight.  I’m not sure if they’ve had baths before, but if they have I doubt it was in warm water and I really doubt they had toys.  You would have thought they were at Oceans of Fun.

Daddy and Marig played some basketball while I gave Yo a bath:


Bedtime went very smoothly.  Holy moly it’s a little exhausting dealing with kids that don’t nap.  With Wiggles and the baby I have at least two hours in the afternoon to do whatever I want…with these kids it’s constant.  They were in bed by 8:30 tonight and by the time I shower, clean up, blog or do whatever else it’s time for me to go to bed too.  I am not a morning person in any way shape or form but I have a feeling I’m going to have to force myself to get up before the rest of the house just so I have a few minutes to myself.

Tomorrow should be more of the same.  They recommend adoptive families keep their kids’ worlds small in the beginning- simple things like going to the store can be overwhelming, and I think that would be true for us.  Things are going really well at home but I think we need at least a few more days, probably longer, to get them comfortable with life at home before we venture out.  We don’t plan to leave the house with them until Thursday when they have doctor’s appointments.

Time for bed.  I’m worn out!


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