One Week Home!

It’s been a busy few days at the crazy house!  We had a really fun weekend introducing the kids to some of our closest loved ones.  Smiles plays so well with other kids that language is not really an issue.  Diva is a little more withdrawn at first.  I don’t think she feels comfortable with kids she can’t communicate with so she keeps more to herself.

We took the kids to church on Sunday.  We attended the children’s program with them and they both seemed to enjoy it.  Again, Smiles jumped into the thick of things while Diva played more by herself, but both seemed to thrive from the energy of being around other kids.


Smiles with his 10-year-old cousin


With our best friends’ son- these two were inseparable. Nerf guns defy language.

Pretty much all adoption experts say you need to keep the kids’ world simple at first.  Adopted kids often have sensory issues and can be overwhelmed easily.  So we didn’t leave the house with them for several days.   But we were so encouraged by the doctor visit,the open gym, and church that we started to feel more comfortable outside the home.  So when the week-home mark rolled around and we were all a little stir crazy, we couldn’t help but shrug and say “why not?” when the grandparents wanted to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese.


Despite how that picture looks, the kids all loved it.  In fact, after Diva realized what that car was going to do she wanted to ride it again and again and again.  My dad did have to get onto Smiles for stealing other kids’ tokens, but besides that it was a smooth outing.

Yesterday we went to Kaleidoscope, a kind of art oasis for kids sponsored by Hallmark Cards.  These kids are so well behaved.  They have their moments- more on that in a second- but they listen well and behave in public.  I’m sure we’re pushing our luck and I probably need to find some wood to knock on, but we’re really feeling good about taking these kids out.  Which is great news for me because it really makes the days go by faster.  I cannot stand being stuck at home all day long when I have small people to entertain!


Today we went to the park and skipped rocks into the river.  It was a milestone day as it marked the first time Diva has not worn a dress (although she did go for pink on pink on pink).


I’ve been working with them on school stuff at home.  Our friend Brett and Jess came by with an art project for the kids that was awesome.  It involved gum drops and grapes and marshmallows so it was awesome for mom too.

We are watching more TV than usual and Wiggles is pretty much giddy about all the screen time he’s getting, but I figure this is a temporary crazy time in life and that’s okay.


Writing letters in shaving cream, a suggestion from one of you!

Things are going way smoother than we expected them to go.  I don’t want to give a false illusion that things are easy, because they’re not.  My patience is tried every day, sometimes every hour.  Diva thinks that her tears can get her whatever she wants and sometimes throws fits that last 45 minutes.  Smiles pouts and whimpers when he doesn’t get his way.  Wiggles likes to see how many times he can scream the loudest highest pitch scream ever and the baby wants to be held every second of every day and cries when you set her down, and sometimes all of these things are happening at exactly the same time.  There are many moments of crazy.  I ask for forgiveness every day for the times I’ve yelled, for the times I’ve grabbed someones arm too hard, for the times I’ve escaped outside or to the bathroom and rolled my eyes and just wished IT WOULD ALL STOP.

No, it’s not easy.  It’s exhausting and overwhelming and sometimes I don’t feel at all qualified for this job.

But those moments are fleeting, and when they’re over and I have a clear head again I realize just what a crazy transition time it is.  It’s not going to be like this forever.  The baby isn’t going to be newborn forever.  The kids are going to be able to communicate better.  Wiggles will stop screaming.  This is a crazy time and I owe it to everyone to pull myself together when things get really nuts.

But most the time things aren’t nuts.  Most the times we’re enjoying sweet everyday moments like this.


One bonus picture for today- the kids with the social security cards!




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2 responses to “One Week Home!

  1. Mary Cunningham

    You are really busy, what a great looking family! Love your posts. My best to all!

  2. Judy

    oh so much fun, and craziness, hang on–enjoy the ride, thank God!! Happy Easter, love you aunt judy and uncle gary

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