Wiggles is Two!

Wiggles turned 2 today!!

Wiggles, you have gotten big fast and I know there’s no slowing you down.  Heck, I had to use a picture that’s a few months old because that’s the most recent one I could find where you’re looking at the camera and it’s not blurry. Here are some things I love about you in this moment of time:

  • You are a monkey.  You’re very agile and you climb on everything.  Sometimes when you’re crying and I ask what you want, you say “Climb!”
  • You’re also very tough.  You usually have a few bumps, bruises, and scrapes.  When you hurt yourself you almost always stand up immediately and yell “K!”
  • When you get excited about something you pump your fists in the air and yell “COOL!”
  • You associate certain words together.  It’s always “Pool, Kick Kick, Bubbles.”  It’s always “Cold. Hat.  Gloves.”  It’s always “Bear.  (s)Cary.”
  • I thought you were really good at potty training- we started when you were 20 months- but really you just like that pottying gets you iPad time.  This association is so ingrained in your brain that on the rare occasion you get the iPad and you’re NOT pottying, you just sit on the potty chair fully clothed to play.
  • You think you’re a big kid and nothing delights you more than following them around.
  • You’re very smart.  You’ve known all your letters, upper and lowercase, for quite awhile and even know the sounds that most of them make.  You can recognize your numbers and colors and count to ten.  It seems that every day you do something that amazes me.  Your little brain is busy!
  • You recognize a ton of words and speak a lot of single words, but aren’t really putting words together in short sentences yet.  The exception is NO preceding any word.  No Bath!  No Night Night!  No Eat!  No-mmmm! (in response to mmm-hmmmm)
  • You get time-outs often for screaming.  You scream at EVERYTHING- when you’re frustrated, when you don’t get what you want, etc- and it’s really high pitched and annoying.  But the look on your face when you realize you’re getting a time out is so pitiful it’s priceless.  Almost makes me want to not give you a time-out.  Almost.
  • You love to dance to Raffi’s “Shake Your Sillies Out” song.
  • When people look at you in the car, or when new people say hi, you usually respond with a “No!”  It’s both annoying and cute.
  • You’re very independent and can easily entertain yourself.
  • You get REALLY excited when we have pancakes for breakfast.  Not sure what you call them, it sounds like “cake cake” or even “carrot cake.”  I’m pretty sure I could give you pancakes for your birthday cake and you would think you’re the luckiest kid in the world.
  • When you think something is very delicious, you start licking your upper lick over and over again in anticipation.
  • The way you drink the milk from your cereal bowl is super cute.
  • When we walk into your room in the morning or after nap we are greeted with a very enthusiastic “HI!”  This is usually followed by “Potty.  Eat.”  Priorities.
  • You’re super adaptable and have had nearly no issues adjusting to this crazy life you’ve been thrown into.
  • You get really excited when we see a school bus.  Like, really excited.
  • The Wheels on the Bus song also makes you very happy.  This is closely followed by 5 Little Monkeys.  Most other songs are met with a “No!”
  • The dog/baby gate at the foot of our stairs means nothing to you.  You have learned to climb right over it…headfirst.
  • You love to jump.  That’s one of the ways you entertain yourself…finding random surfaces to jump off of (the couch, the foam letters stacked up, the porch, etc etc).  You’re also very trusting.  You like to jump off of things like stairs or ledges into people’s arms, even if they’re not looking or ready to catch you.
  • You also LOVE the pool.  Pretty sure you were a fish in a past life.

Happy birthday Wiggles!  Thanks for being such a great son!



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  1. Judy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACLIN!!! Be careful what you wish for when you blow your candles out!!! Mom and dad might bring he MORE brothers and sisters!!😜

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