Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go!

Tomorrow I return to work and I can’t freaking wait!

Partly because tomorrow my team is going to the Royals game as a team builder but mostly because as much as I love these four small non-English speaking humans, being around them all day every day is exhausting.  Sitting on conference calls, eating lunch alone, putting together pivot tables-it all sounds so dreamy!  A 45 minute one way commute without traffic?  Did you even know the world could be so quiet?!

The husband is taking vacation the rest of the week and then a nanny is going to start next week.  Well, hopefully.  We’ve been using a company to search for a nanny for a couple months and we still haven’t found one.  Maybe because most families that hire nannies- you know, the ones we’re competing for nannies against- are the types of families that have private country club memberships and hobnob in the Hamptons (at least that’s how they are in my mind).  I never thought we’d be the type of family to hire a nanny, but when we thought about how things were going to logistically work with 4 kids it really turned out to be the best option.  That is, if we can find one.

So basically just when we started figuring things out we decided to go and screw things up and throw in another big transition.  And probably by the time we get into a routine with the nanny the big kids will start school again and we’ll throw everyone for another loop because that’s how we roll.  Pray for us?

Tomorrow’s the big day.  I wonder how long it will be before I tire of Power Points and meeting agendas and my weekly trips to the zoo and dozens of dirty diapers start to sound like a break?


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