Thank You Jesus

Diva has a sweet relationship with Jesus.  Every time she hears the word Jesus, she stops what she’s doing, blows Him a kiss, and says “mmmm I love you Jesus!”  Anytime she sees a cross, or a lowercase t, she blows Jesus kisses. When we walk past the Hispanic part of the grocery store with the religious candles, she blows Jesus kisses.

Our kids’ birth family is Orthodox Christian, but we’re not sure what role faith played in their lives in Ethiopia. One day they asked where Jesus was and I told them he was inside of them, and inside of everything.  Then I spent the next half hour telling them that Jesus was inside the ice cream carton, and the trash can, and the pantry, and the table, and so on. We pray with them before meals and before bed.  Since they’ve been so limited in English it’s always the husband or I saying the prayer, but tonight as I was putting Diva to bed I asked her what she wanted to tell Jesus.  She prayed:

Thank you Smiles
Thank you Wiggles
Thank you Baby
Thank you Mommy
Thank you Daddy
Thank you Family

And I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night.


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