Smiles Fits

It was a rough night at the Miller house.

In the past I’ve told you about Diva fits, but those are a thing of the past.  She’ll still get angry sometimes, but I can’t even remember the last time she threw a serious tantrum.

Which is good because Smiles now holds the title for Biggest Tantrum Thrower.  When you think of tantrums, what do you think of?  Really annoying whining?  Throwing oneself to the floor?  Kicking and pounding the floor?  Angry yelling?  Irrational thinking?  Now imagine someone doing all those things, but instead of it being a toddler, it’s a 60 pound 8-year-old.  That was our house tonight.  For two hours.


In all fairness, Smiles threw a lot of tantrums starting after he had been home for 2 or 3 weeks; however, he has not thrown one for quite awhile.  Several weeks at least.  He has been doing really well until today.  He woke up in a bad mood and was still being mean when I got home from work.  He was speaking hatefully, not following directions, and just overall not being very enjoyable to be around.  We were trying to enjoy a nice meal on the deck when something set him off.  Not wanting to ruin dinner for everyone else, I moved his food- and then him- to the inside table.  The rest of us tried to ignore his high decibel whining and continued eating outside.

Smiles wanted to play out front with the neighborhood kids, but we were not going to allow him to do so.  We were afraid he was going to escape, so we locked the front screen door (which is broken and literally required pliers to unlock) and locked the garage door so he couldn’t get out.  Then we resumed eating…

And then he locked us out.

That little farthead was pretty darned smart because we literally had no other way to get back into the house.  The husband and I pretended to be unfazed while going through all the entrances in our mind…

Back door…locked.
Garage door 1…locked.
Garage door 2…locked.
Front door…definitely locked.
Deck door…locked.

We tried to continue eating while wondering just how we would handle this situation.  He definitely outsmarted us!  Luckily, he decided to come out back just a few minutes later (it was part of his “escape to the front yard” plan, which failed).  When he came out I sprinted for the door. He tried to beat me to it, obviously unaware of my poweress as a 6th grade track star.  I got us back inside the house and all the neighbors thanked us for sparing their ears.*

On a positive note, after a very very very long tantrum, he apologized, read a book with us, and went to bed happy.  As frustrating as tonight was, I am proud of him for overcoming his anger and taking the initiative to apologize.  He really is a good kid who is going through a lot, and it’s our job to love him even when he’s difficult to love.  And most of the time, it’s not that difficult.

*Not really


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