The Baby is Four Months Old!

The Baby recently turned 4 months old and we celebrated by taking some pictures:



Is she cute or what?

I had Wiggles and Diva with me while I took these pictures and I was a little worried about what they would do while I was busy shooting.  My worrying was not necessary. Diva is a little mommy and did a great job pushing him on the swings and making sure he stayed safe while The Baby smiled for the camera.

After I was done with The Baby I snapped some pictures of the other two and I couldn’t help but laugh as I looked through them later.  Do these two fit right into gender stereotypes or what?  Diva posed for every picture while Wiggles acted like a little boy.  Diva even tried to get Wiggles to pose by holding his head in place!  I can just hear their inner head dialogue:

Diva:  Stupid boy!  Why is he always climbing all over the place?  Can’t he pose for a nice picture?

Wiggles:  What a fun ruiner!  Why is she standing there smiling when there are things to climb and grass to crawl on?






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