Four Months Home


Four months ago our kids knew no English.  We’d look through Wiggle’s board books, the ones that have a whole page for common household items, another whole page for different types of animals, etc, and they knew not one single word.  Now they can name nearly every picture in those books.  Now they use full sentences.

Four months ago our dinner times were a hot mess.  We wanted to make sure the kids knew they would always be able to eat here, so if they didn’t like what we were serving they could pretty much eat whatever they wanted.  There was lots of up and down, lots of crazy.  Now our kids eat what we serve and our dinner times actually resemble a dinner.

Four months ago our kids couldn’t sing their ABCs.  Now they recognize most letters and even know the sounds that several of them make.

Four months ago our kids had never been to school.  Now they’ve been to school, camp, and are preparing to start kindergarten and 3rd grade next week.

Four months ago our kids couldn’t recognize a single number.  Now they are doing simple addition and pointing out speed limit signs, and occasionally they even get these things right.

Four months ago bed time was the worst part of the day.  Diva was terrified to sleep alone.  They wouldn’t go to bed if it wasn’t dark outside.  Everyone dreaded bedtime. Now bedtime is one of the best times of day.  We have a routine, the kids know it, and most nights they follow it with minimal resistance.


Four months ago Smiles got so angry at any change in routine.  If something happened that he was not expecting- like his baseball game was at a different field than usual or we took a different way home- look out!  Now he’s starting to trust us.

Four months ago Diva was angry, mean, and threw massive fits.  She was hateful and scared. Now she’s the sweetest, kindest, most considerate and happy little lady.  What a difference four months has made in her life!

Four months ago our kids were culturally ignorant- at 8-years-old Smiles really liked Barney and Teletubbies.  Now he likes Power Rangers and Spiderman and Diva can’t get enough Strawberry Shortcake.

Four months ago Smiles hated ice.  Now he loves it.

Four months ago Diva wanted Ethiopian food every day.  Now she enjoys it occasionally.

Four months ago our kids did cultural things that Americans consider rude- spitting on the floor (even inside) when something grossed them out, hissing at someone when they were mad.  Now they don’t.

Four months ago our kids were just starting to get to know us, and us them.  One of us was ALWAYS with them for those first two months unless they were at school.  Now their Mimi has put them to bed, they’ve stayed for a couple of hours at Gammie and Grandpa Fred’s, and they’ve stayed home with a nanny.  Diva especially is getting more outgoing and less clingy in new situations.

Four months ago our kids had no concept of time.  Now they still pretty much don’t!  Maybe at five months?


Four months into this thing and we are definitely in our groove.  That’s not to say our transition is complete- far from it.  The kids’ language has come a long ways, but communication is still an issue.  Smiles has tons of catching up to do school wise.  They need to learn their address and phone number and how to use a phone to call someone and not just play games.  They need to learn about money and time, not just hours and time of day, but weeks and months and years.  We’re most definitely still in a time of transition and will be for a long time still- probably another year at least.  But now we have routines and trust and love and boy oh boy do those things make transitions a lot easier.

Happy four months home, kids!

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  1. Judy Boyd

    Looks like they have been with you for years just shows how feeling loved and secure can overcome huge transitions doing a wonderful job beautiful family !!!

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