Smiles Visits the Doctor


We were due for the next round of vaccinations. If you haven’t been reading this blog for long, here is what typically happens when my 8-year-old 60 pound boy realizes he’s going to the doctor:

  • He moans really really really really really loudly
  • He cries
  • He kicks and hits and spits
  • He won’t walk
  • When you carry him, he grabs on to door frames or anything else he can reach
  • He yells at you when you try to comfort him and screams to leave him alone
  • If there are needles involved he practically hyperventilates

So, doctor days are super fun.  And since we are starting at ground zero with vaccinations and their medical history is unknown, doctor days come fairly frequently.

Ever since we got a blood draw a few weeks ago Smiles has been asking about shots.  We’ve been honest with him, telling him that “Shots no all done forever” and “Shots in 2 days.”  Previously this information would have been devastating for him but he seemed to be taking it in stride.  I had high hopes for today but literally every single one of our doctor experiences have gone as described above, so I was not placing any bets on today going well.

He walked to the car on his own, fully aware we were going to the doctor.

He waked into the office on his own and we read books in the waiting room.

He walked back into the exam room, was pretty excited when nurse Cody had to take his blood pressure twice because his muscles were too big for the smaller cuff, and allowed us to easily get his height and weight.

He talked to the doctor and even showed him some Power Ranger moves.

Then it was shot time.  Diva went first and she was fine, not even a tear.

Smiles got a little nervous right before he went.  Last time he got vaccinations it took 3 nurses to hold him down and they got so much of a workout they didn’t go to the gym that day.  Today it only took one and she didn’t even have to do anything….because this is how things happened:


We are so so so so proud of Smiles!  I’m not sure what inspired his change of heart, but this is a huge milestone for him and it was so great to watch!  Yay Smiles!




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2 responses to “Smiles Visits the Doctor

  1. Judy

    GREAT!!! Good job smiles!!

  2. Jessica

    Glad to see this! Good job! 🙂

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