Brave Through Adoption

Today I picked the bigs up from school and took them to the doctor for the next round of vaccinations.

If you’ve been following this blog for long you know that Smiles was once so afraid of the doctor that he’d rather have his toenails plucked out one by one (he didn’t actually tell me that) than make a visit.  I had to carry him kicking, screaming, and spitting into the office.  Our last visit was encouraging and he actually smiled while getting a shot, but I was not convinced that we were over this seemingly insurmountable hurdle.

Since our bigs have had a lifetime of uncertainty we make a conscious effort to make their days predictable.  I was worried about today because I picked them up instead of having them ride the bus and had forgotten to tell them about this before school.  Then, we drove straight to the doctor’s office instead of going home.  I was prepared for battle.

But it didn’t happen!  The kids were smiling as they got in the car and handled the news that we were headed to the doctor with grace.  They patiently awaited our turn and flirted with the practice’s staff.  Smiles was still a tad bit nervous.  He had the option of taking the flu vaccine as a nasal solution or a shot, and we were trying to explain that the spray goes up your nose but is NOT a shot, and he kind of-sort of-but not really got it.  He seemed curious, but then said “Diva first.”  Diva is a tough little cookie so she tried it, was of course fine, and then Smiles was fine too.

After the visit I was commending them on their great behavior.  Smiles said “Smiles first in America, wah wah wah at doctor.  Smiles scared.  Four nurses! (to hold him down).  Now Smiles no scared.  Smiles crazy.  Smiles brave.”

Yes son.  Yes you are!  More than anyone I know.



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  1. BJ

    This is awesome in every way! What a brave little man you have! (although I love that he made his sister try it out first!) 🙂

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