Diva Dance

Smiles seems to have natural athletic ability and Diva…well, Diva sometimes falls down while she’s walking.  She’s not exactly what I would call coordinated.  She has not expressed a huge interest in sports, but we felt sort of bad for spending so much time and effort on Smile’s activities and wanted to give her a chance to do something too.  She chose dance.

We toured the studio and signed up for classes several weeks before the new session started.  Diva would sometimes ask “How many days dance?” as she looked wistfully at her leotard.  Finally the big day arrived!  Diva was nearly jumping out of her skin with excitement!  She excitedly put on her black leotard and pink tights and hopped in the minivan.

The studio is just a few minutes away.  I really wish I could capture her expressions for you guys.  Something is not good, it is like YOU WON THE LOTTERY AND KISSED BRAD PITT AND SOLVED WORLD HUNGER.  Something is not gross, it is like A SKUNK SPRAYED AND POOPED AND VOMITED AND ROLLED AROUND IN IT AND THEN RUBBED UP AGAINST YOU IN BED.

She’s a bit dramatic.

Before we could walk in the front door she put her brakes on, threw her hand in the air, and with the most disgusted look ever said “I don’t want it.”

It was like my old Diva, the one who was so sad and scared and mean was back.  In the beginning days she was scared of new experiences, but lately she’s been so independent that I did not see this one coming at all.  Her dance class is all kindergartners and no other parents were in the studio, but she refused to go without me.  Together we sat against the back wall and watched as the other cuties dance.  She silently cried and told me she wanted to leave.  After about 10 minutes I convinced her to stand up and dance with me, holding my hand.  A few minutes later she let me sit down, but she was in the back row and kept hiding behind the girl in front of her.  I think she ended up having a good time, but she never let me leave the studio and shot me dirty looks (not just dirty.  I KILLED HER DOG AND CRUSHED HER BARBIES AND FORCED HER TO EAT TURNIPS) the entire time.


As soon as class was over she pointed to her leotard and hissed at me “These clothes no good!  Trash!  These clothes trash!”  And to her (pink) tights “These clothes good!”

Sister didn’t like her leo.

That was the reason for all the drama.

We went to Target, got a pink leotard, and now she loves dance class.


This girl.  What am I going to do when she’s a teenager?!


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