The Day I Quit My Job

September 2006.

We were living in a townhouse we bought for $1,000 down.  We borrowed the $1,000 from my parents. We were planning our wedding and I was starting my career at Sprint.

I was so excited for my position at Sprint.  I had graduated college without a job.  I managed to temp and scrape by for a few months, but I was so ready for something permanent.  The Sprint position was not one I was particularly interested in, but it was with a huge company and I figured after I got my foot in the door I could move to an area I was more interested in.

That was eight years ago and I’m still basically doing the same thing.  I’ve been promoted a few times.  I’ve been challenged and given lots of opportunity.  I’ve went from not even being able to read emails due to all the acronyms to managing a team of professionals.  My team forecasts and purchases equipment that is used to build cell sites.  I’ve learned a lot but it’s just never really been my thing.

I've worked really hard here.  Obviously.

I’ve worked really hard here. Obviously.

But I stayed.  I stayed because it is really a great job.  I’m happy with my pay.  I get a lot of vacation.  I can pretty much come and go as I please and I work from home two days a week.  My coworkers and boss have been with me through two pregnancies, a failed adoption, and our completed adoption.  They’ve been nothing but supportive and so great about working with me on everything.  Why would I leave that just because I don’t love the work?  That would be dumb, right?  A huge mistake.

I’ve been walking that line for quite awhile- not loving what I do, but loving the comfortable work/life balance it provides.  Lately the not-loving-what I do side has been dominant and I told myself that once things settle down at home I would start seriously looking for something new.  Maybe in the next year or so.  After all, I still had no idea what I wanted to do and didn’t want to switch while things are still crazy at home.

Then we got a new CEO.  Then he announced he was going to do layoffs.  Then my manager asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to leave.  I joked about this to the husband, expecting him to tell me no and to move on.  Except he didn’t tell me no.  In fact, he told me to do it.

This really complicated things.  Was I really prepared to volunteer to leave?  I would get 24 weeks severance pay. I didn’t want to stay home; but what else would I do?  I’ve never even job-searched post-college.  I was pretty confident I could find something in 24 weeks, but not at all confident that I could find something with similar pay and flexibility.  I went over the options a zillion times and finally, with much hesitation and not at all confident in my decision, told my manager I volunteered.

That was a month ago.  Today I found out they accepted my resignation and my last day at Sprint will be October 17…two short weeks from now.

Although I’ve known this was a likely outcome for the past five weeks I can’t quite explain how weird it feels now that it’s official.  I don’t know what it’s like to be an adult and not work at Sprint.  It’s weird to think that today my day was filled with emails and Powerpoints and Excel and PO numbers and expedites and material shortages and that none of that will matter in two weeks.  It’s weird to think that the people I’ve talked to every weekday for eight years will soon just be Facebook friends.  It’s weird.

Over the past month I’ve done a lot of soul-searching and praying and now have a good idea of what’s next for me, but I’ll save that for another post.  Today, we celebrate…with something really cheap, because I don’t have a job yo!


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2 responses to “The Day I Quit My Job

  1. aunt judy

    Well that takes guts but you ARE going to grow moving forward and being comfy and settled in is just settling you now have time to search and grow outside your cocoon fly Jamie fly may God direct your path of flight as He has ALWAYS! !

  2. Leah

    I find this incredibly exciting!! (of course my dream would be to work from home/be my own boss so there’s that…. I admire the bravery it takes to quit… I struggle with those same thoughts myself. I’m sure you have something amazing planned next, and you are a crazy hard worker with a ton of discipline- I’m pretty sure you could set your mind on something and find a way to make it happen!! Good luck and if you’ve got some extra time we should totally hang out on a friday! (I’m off every friday) Love you cous!!!

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