Corporate America Memories: Office Games

Today was my last Wednesday in Corporate America.  I’m posting daily this week to share some of my memories from Sprint.  The team I started on at Sprint was full of new-college hires and we all quickly became friends.


Here’s my original team- they called us “The Kids”

Back then we had too much time on our hands, but don’t you worry!  We didn’t spend that time mindlessly surfing the internet or using the nap rooms.  We channeled it towards important team-building activities like pranks (more to come on that tomorrow) and Office Games.

There were lots of various Office Games over the years but three really stood out:

1. Shoot 3


Shoot 3 was a simple game.  The first participant shot until they made a basket (or until they had 10 turns without a basket).  The second participant tried to make a basket in less tries than the first, and so on.  Whoever made a basket in the least number of turns won the round.  If you made it on your first try you would find yourself doing a little dance while chanting “Can’t Beat That!”  The game was scheduled on our Outlook calendars at least weekly, but usually more often.  It often resulted in curse words and donkey kicks to the trash can.

2. Win Lose or Draw


Corporate office buildings have a lot of white boards everywhere.  The gentlemen in this picture took the game particularly seriously, which is probably why the boys usually won.

3.  Jibbly Ball

I have no pictures of Jibbly Ball because Jibbly Ball was top secret.  For some reason we always had lots of Silly Putty on hand.  For a JB game we would roll our Silly Putty into balls.  We would walk very seriously, notebooks in hand to disguise our intentions, until we found an empty conference room.  We’d shut the door and close the blinds and then get down to business.  Four people played at once, two teams of two.  You know how conference tables have those holes in them for cords to go through?  Those were the targets for our Silly Putty balls.  It was sort of a corporate version of beer pong.  I don’t remember the exact rules- it’s been years since a game of JB has been played- but I think the first team to reach a certain score won.

3.5  The Gambler

This wasn’t really a game, but at one point our floor was invaded by a new team.  To welcome them we all met in a certain cube at a certain time each day and had a singalong to Kenny Roger’s The Gambler.  They didn’t appreciate it.


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