Corporate America Memories: Office Pranks

Today was my last Thursday at Sprint.  Tomorrow is my last day.  Weird.

Not much to say today, just some of our favorite pranks to share.  Try them at your office and thank me later!

Some of my favorite pranks don’t have pictures.  Like:

  • The day someone moved every single item in a manager’s cube to a different, previously empty cube.  Everything was set up exactly the same…just in another cube.
  • The many times we made autocorrect change a commonly typed word to something inappropriate.  For example, we refer to Purchase Orders, or POs a lot.  Every time you typed PO, the computer would change it to poop.
  • The time we started reporting to a new manager.  One guy sent a (fake) resignation letter to the new manager from another guy’s computer and copied the whole team.
  • The time an overhead bin was filled to capacity with ping-pong balls.
  • The times we snuck onto someone’s computer and updated their signature to something inappropriate or just something funny, such as: Jayme Miller, kUs #1 fan and donor.
  • The endless times we snuck onto someone’s computer and sent IMs detailing bodily noises.
  • The time we rigged an air horn to go off when someone sat in their chair

And we have pictures of pranks too, like:

The day we turned a cube into a fishbowl:

fish 2


Not exactly a prank, but the day we took naps in our cubes:



The day we spilled a few styrofoam packing peanuts:


foam peanuts


The day we foiled every.single.thing in someone’s cube:



img033 img034

The day someone got hot so we got him a fan:

fanThe day we tried to run away:

run away


As I sit here tonight reflecting on my career at Sprint, feeling motivated, and thinking about what my future holds, one thing is certain:  The people at my next office better watch it!


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