Corporate America Memories: The Last Day

Here it is.  My last day at Sprint.

Hard Hats

Over the past few days I’ve shared some of our office pranks and jokes.  We’ve had a lot of fun, but we worked really hard too.  In the years I’ve managed my team we’ve ordered over a BILLION dollars of network equipment.  We’ve formed close relationships with lots of telecom vendors.  We played a key part in a ground-breaking program to refurbish decommissioned equipment and reuse it at other sites, a project that resulted in a cost avoidance of over $300M.  We’ve changed warehouse providers twice, we did systems conversions from two different companies, we’ve put together countless new processes and reports.  We’ve accomplished a lot, and Sprint is a better place now than it was 8 years ago.


It’s been a place of great growth for me.  Personally, I got married, suffered through infertility, had 2 bio babies, suffered through a failed adoption, and brought our Ethiopian babies home.  I watched my coworkers get married, become parents and grandparents, suffer through loved ones deaths, get layoffed, get promoted, retire.  Professionally I’ve come a long ways, from a college grad who knew nothing about telecom to a seasoned manager  whose decisions can have million-dollar impacts.  I’ve filled a resume, but more importantly I’ve filled my life with coworkers who have become friends.


Not going into work on Monday is going to feel really odd.  I’m really excited to see where this takes me next (I just realized I haven’t told you much about that yet…more to come later).  I’m excited to have a little more flexibility in my schedule, excited to work for commissions instead of a paycheck, excited to see how I’ll do in a completely new industry.  I’m also really scared.  Last night the husband and I were sitting on the couch.  I told him that we were at a pivotal moment in life.  A year or two from now, I will look back at this moment and either remember it as a time I took a risk and changed my life for the better, or a time I made a huge mistake by leaving the comfort and security this job has provided me for so long.  I don’t know how it will turn out, but I’m excited to see.

download (1)

Thanks for a great start to my career- now to Infinity and Beyond!


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