Family Photos

We recently got family photos done.

Mostly this is what happened:


And this:


And this:


And this:


And this too:


But in between all the hijinks we got some good photos too.  I’m going to make you wait til later to see our family shoot, but one idea the photographer had was to get a shot of each sibling combination.  So we got lots of good pictures like these:






But when it came time for Diva and Smiles to be photographed together, this happened.


They kind of hate each other.

It progressed it to this.


And finally came to this.


And then we just gave up.

Can’t win them all.

All these photos were taken by my friend Seng- check out her website here.  Seng is one of those girls that does it all.  She has 2 young children, works full time, and her life is pretty much a Pinterest board.  She makes it look easy, but not in a I-hate-you-and-my-life-sucks-by-compairson sort of way.  She’s incredibly down to Earth and shares all her secrets on her blog.  If you’re looking for someone to take your pictures, I highly recommend her.  She takes great ones, turns them around quickly, does basic Photoshop, and gives you full digital rights.  Plus, she mails you a jump drive of images in a box that looks like this.IMG_4990


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