Let it Snow!

Since our big kids got home in April they have wanted it to snow.

I’m not quite sure where they got their ideas of snow.  They knew what it was, kind of, and had a general concept that it was cold, but in those early days we spent a lot of time begging the kids to not be mad at us for not making it snow.  They found rock salt in the garage and pouted for hours when we couldn’t make the salt produce snow.  They found the cold weather gear, put it all on, and then scowled at us when snow didn’t come out of the 90 degree air.

I despise the cold but when the weatherman announced it was supposed to snow in November (November?!!) I couldn’t help but feel excited for the kids.  They talked about it at school and Smiles told everyone, including the bus driver, that it was going to snow.  Sure enough, the snow started coming Saturday!  It was a very light dusting but our kids were thrilled.

Diva, still in her pajamas, ran outside and skipped/galloped/arm-flared around joyously.

Smiles immediately started building 1/2 inch tall snowmen.

IMG_5184 I never thought I would say this, but I can’t wait for our first real snowstorm this year!


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