Sick of Being Sick

My family has been sick for a month and I’m about ready to lose my mind.

You see, I don’t know how to deal with extended sickness. We’ve been blessed with great health. We rarely get sick and when we do, we tend to get over things quickly.   Until November. November kicked our hineys.

First I came down with a nasty cold and lost my voice so that I could only whisper. The rest of my family pretended to feel sorry for me but secretly cheered. Pretty much everyone else in the family developed smoker’s coughs and we practically needed a power tool to scrape the dried snot off the little ones noses in the mornings. The poor Baby’s nose even developed scabs and sometimes we would scrape what we thought was snot off but we actually were picking scabs that would then bleed.

Just a few days after I got my voice back I came down with a stomach bug, and a few days after that the husband got it too. (PS. Women are MUCH tougher than men).  Everyone was kind of slow and lazy during this time.


Then we got staph infections. I think one of the kids brought this infection to America with them because no one had ever had it before and now we’ve had it 10 times since the kids have been home. Most of those times have been me. Have you ever had staph? You don’t feel sick, but the pain level at the infection site is right up there with natural child birth. They’re awful. Just awful.

And just when we thought we were finally moving forward into a healthy December the littlest ones came down with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. This disease is straight from the devil himself. My babies’ faces look like pimply teenagers. Their bottoms, arms, and legs are covered in angry rashes. The rash is painful. At it’s peak, Wiggles couldn’t sleep for longer than 45 minutes or so no matter how much whiskey medicine I gave him. The nights were long. And as awful as it is, my kids don’t have the sores in the mouth that make the disease unbearable for so many parents. HFM is highly contagious and the kids have to be out of daycare for a long time. We’ve been quarantined in the house and I am so so SO sick of my family being sick. The HFM rash is starting to dry up and if one more person gets sick after this I think I’ll just call the Ebola Hazmat team in to fumigate our house because I can’t take this anymore! Please, dear God, don’t let cancer or an actual serious illness affect our family. I seriously can’t even handle colds/flu/staph/HFM.



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  1. srv8rc

    I myself can relate to the staph infection. But what I learned is that everyone has the bacteria for staph on their skin. It does suck!!! Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!!

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