Did You Know Jesus Actually Wasn’t Born in Bethlehem? (The Christmas Story According to Smiles)

This holiday season our family gathers around our $3 Advent calendar each night.  Before one of the kids moves the snowflake to the next day, we tell them a little more of the Christmas story.  Tonight when we were reviewing it went like this:

Me:  Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Kids:  Because Jesus Happy Birthday!

Me:  Good!  What was Jesus’ mommy’s name?

Kids:  Mary!

Me:  Great job.  When Jesus was inside Mary’s tummy, what did she ride on?

Kids:  A horse!  I mean, a donkey!

Me:  Good.  Now, do you remember the city they went to?

Kids:  (thinking)

The Husband:  Buh-buh-buh (making B sounds)

Smiles:  Butthole!


Also, we have one of those Little People Nativity play things and my dog Hooch keeps eating the pieces and yesterday he ate Baby Jesus.

Please don’t tell Santa.



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