My Next Career Move

Remember back in October when I quit my job? The one with the great benefits, a good paycheck, and the ability to work from home 2 days a week?

I wanted to update you on how that’s been going for me.

My first month off work was a breeze. I studied for and passed my real estate test and enjoyed having a little more free time than I was used to (free time = relative term with 4 kids).   Then ‘ish got real.

The next two months were hard. My family got sick, my search for a broker was going slower than I had hoped, we were worried about finances after my severance ran out, we took the kids out of full time daycare and I pretty much became a stay at home mom. This had the unexpected side effect of causing me to bow down to any mom I knew who actually chooses to stay at home. STAYING HOME IS SO HARD. Way harder than working. When you work, you get breaks. You get to talk to adults. People listen when you talk. You can focus on something for longer than 2 minutes. People don’t poop or spit up on you. People don’t usually scream at you. I did enjoy the time home with the kids, but I also found myself being short with them and just generally not appreciating and enjoying them the way I do when I’m not around them every waking hour of every single day.

During this time I questioned my decision to quit a million times. I mean, it’s one thing to pursue your passions, but now my family was feeling the effects of it. My kids’ routines were being interrupted, we were cutting back financially, I was grumpier than normal. Was quitting really a good decision? Maybe I should just settle for a comfortable job I didn’t hate. I questioned (a lot), but I also tried to stay faithful in prayer and trust that things would work out.

In my search for a broker I came across a company called NorthPoint Development. They intrigued me. They only had a small sales and leasing department (that’s what I want to do), but their development projects have just exploded. It seemed like everything they touched turned to gold! If you are in the Kansas City area, you may be familiar with some of their projects – they developed Burlington Creek (formerly Tuleries Plaza) off of I29 and 64th St, they are developing Logistics Park in Edgerton, and they recently bought the old Power and Light Headquarters building to turn into luxury apartments. They were only founded in 2011 and have just had phenomenal success. In an industry where a lot of people take themselves too seriously, they don’t. Plus, their offices are 10 minutes from my house and across the street from our daycare. Double plus is that they were voted the #1 best medium sized firm to work for in KC.

Problem 1 was that I didn’t have a very good connection to anyone who worked there, so I basically cold-emailed the main sales and leasing guy. Problem 2 was that although he agreed to meet with me, he warned me that they weren’t hiring. Problem 3 was after that meeting and more research I was sure I wanted to end up there, but I had to be respectful of the fact that they weren’t expanding.

So I basically harassed him. I emailed him questions, talked to him at networking events, and just generally let him know that I was very interested in working at NorthPoint. There is a fine line between being aggressive and being annoying and I was toeing that line pretty closely. But, I ended up meeting with him a few more times, talked to their CEO, and was thrilled to accept a job offer from them last week!!

I really could not be more excited! NorthPoint treats their agents differently than most brokers do; they provide many of the things I expected to provide for myself. They truly have a team atmosphere and I feel like if I can’t have a successful career in brokerage there, I can’t have a successful career anywhere. It is truly a dream offer from my dream company and I can’t wait to start!  Plus, I’m pretty sure I won’t get pooped on there.

Taking a risk and leaving my corporate job was super scary. But I’m so glad I did it! I was already kind of wired to start feeling uncomfortable when I start to get comfortable. I like to be challenged and enjoy the thrill of the unknown. Taking a leap of faith builds my character and my trust in God, and I’m so excited to see where this takes me next.

Now, who needs office, retail, industrial, or any other commercial space in Kansas City?


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  1. betternotbroken

    Good for you, after working for years and staying with a baby and it was more difficult. I wish you the best with the new job and I hope your risks continue to pay off.

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