Top 10 Reasons Little Kids Rock

Here I am, deep in the throes of motherhood.  My every waking moment- scratch that- my EVERY moment is spent keeping 4 small humans alive and feeling loved.  It’s mentally and physically exhausting work but I love it (most of the time).  The hardest part right now is that my kids are so. needy.  I sometimes find myself daydreaming about one day a few years from now, when the kids aren’t quite so young and can do a few things for themselves.  When I get really worn out by their neediness I try to remember my favorite things about little kids (under age 5).  Here are the Top 10 Reasons Little Kids Rock:

1.  They Say The Most Hilarious Stuff Ever.

The other day I was still in bed when my 2.5 year old came in the room.  He was holding a baby doll and in exaggerated exasperation said: “MOM!  I cannot feed my baby because I do not have boobs because I am not a girl!”  Later that day I told him he should probably potty before we left for the pool.  He said: “No.  I promise I will not pee in the pool or poop in the pool.  I will only fart in the pool.”  I mean seriously, when you live in a house with young kids you are constantly entertained.  If you ever got a date night, you wouldn’t go to comedy.


2.  Cuddling is The Best.

I can’t really think of anything sweeter than a newborn napping on your chest.  When they get older they cuddle on their terms, not yours, but really that makes it all better.  When I’m saying good night and they whisper “just cuddle me” how can I say no?!

3.  They Think You’re Cool.

I can be goofy in front of them and they laugh- they don’t roll their eyes and tell me to stop.  They think I’m smart and funny and cool.  They want to play with me.  They want me to chase them like I’m a monster, hide under the blankets, or throw them up in the air.  I’m pretty much the coolest person they know.  And when I pick them up from daycare and they run, arms wide open and leaping towards me?  It doesn’t really get any better than that.

4.  They’re Easily Entertained Without Screens

My older kids could spend the day at DisneyWorld, go to the pool at night, eat pizza and ice cream all day long, but if they didn’t get to play games/watch TV before bed they would think they had THE WORST DAY EVER.  Seriously, I think they would rather walk on hot coals with spiders crawling on them than miss out on screen time.  My younger kids?  Couldn’t care less.  Sure, Wiggles enjoys an episode of Jake the Pirate or Daniel the Tiger, but he’s just as happy cooking me pretend apple pie or building train tracks.


5.  Their Innocence

If my kids hear someone say “shut up” they think it is the worst thing ever.  They really want to believe in Santa even when we tell them that he’s not real.  They believe people are good.  They trust.  They’re not jaded.  And that’s awesome.

6.  Their Imaginations

Sometimes I get yelled at if I don’t refer to Wiggles as “Captain Hook”.  My little kids are constantly playing with their baby dolls, building houses and putting them to bed.  They build castles for their princesses and hop around like frogs.  Oh, and monsters invade our house pretty much every night.  It’s the little kids’ world and we’re just living in it.

7.  Breastfeeding

I know it isn’t the case for everybody, but I’ve been incredibly lucky to enjoy this special relationship with both of my biobabies.  Sure, it’s good for them, but really it’s good for ME.  At the end of a stressful day nothing is better than this special time with my little.  I enjoy it so much that I’m probably going to nurse The Baby until she goes off to college.  Don’t judge.

 8.  They Like to Help

And they can be legitimately helpful (sometimes)!  Wiggles’ most useful contributions are bringing me clean diapers and throwing away dirty ones. He also excels at throwing his plate in the sink, restocking toilet paper, and bringing dirty clothes downstairs.  Diva likes to get Wiggles dressed, helps unload the dishwasher, and even volunteers to clean up dog pee!  The Baby hasn’t quite earned her keep yet.  Smiles isn’t a little kid so he’s not considered here.


9.  They Like to Be Independent

I’m not sure all parents would agree, but I LOVE it when kids start to do things by themselves.  When Diva pours herself a bowl of cereal or Wiggles pottys without my assistance I float away to cloud 9.  I only come back down to clean up the 10 pound Costco sized oatmeal dumped all over the kitchen floor when Wiggles “makes” himself oatmeal.

10.  They Nap

Ahhh, 1:00-3:00.  The most peaceful time of the day.  Older kids don’t nap.  Little kids do and it’s awesome.


Raising little kids is so tiring but they ARE pretty fun..most of the time.  Next time I’ll share my thoughts on the Top 10 Reasons Little Kids Suck.


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