Eleven Months Home

I started doing monthly adoption updates because that first year home is so full of transitions.  I wanted to remember when my big kids hit their milestones.  I also wanted to participate in the adoption community that has helped me so much.  I’ve tried to focus the monthly adoption updates on things specific to our kids’ transitions.  But now, eleven months after we started this crazy train ride, life feels pretty much normal.  That’s not to say that we never have adoption related issues anymore because we most definitely do and probably will for some time.  But, most of our issues are just normal kid issues.

Now, my normal with 4 young kids may not be normal for you.  Here are some snippets of events that happened just this weekend:

  • We bought a coconut, drilled a hole in it, and drank the water.  It was gross.


  • 3 big kids started swim lessons and loved them!


  • 2 bloody noses and 1 hurt ankle that caused a toddler to gimp around
  • The Baby helped me unload the dishwasher.  Four times.  Please don’t click on that picture to enlarge it because then you can see the snot on her face.


  • Yogurt was thrown all over the walls and floor while I wasn’t looking
  • We saw all 3 grandparents, Diva went on a special trip to Kaleidoscope
  • Wiggles figured out how to get the iPad down from the mantle


  • We had at least six discussions about how boys have weiners and girls have bachinas, and how girls do NOT have weiners.  Diva’s still not convinced.
  • My two boys:  At least 7 time outs.  My two girls:  0 time outs.  I wonder for the umpteenth time if what they say about boys being harder when they’re younger but easier when they’re older is true, because my boys are high energy and crazy and my girls ooze sweetness.
  • Speaking of crazy, Wiggles now likes to take his giant Tonka truck to the top of the hill, sit or lay in it, and ride down.  He sticks his tongue out and laughs in glee on the way down.  HE GOES APPROXIMATELY 90 MPH WITH NO WAY TO STOP AND THIS DOESN’T ALARM HIM.  Despite repeated talks about wearing a helmet and only doing this when an adult is in front of him to help him slow down, I am convinced he will meet his death this way.


  • Homework every night, Smiles is working on multiplication and geometry and Diva is working on writing stories and counting by 5s.
  • The kids put hampers on top of their heads and then walked around bumping into things and laughing hysterically


  • 11 dirty diapers, but hey, they were all in diapers.  No poop on the floor this weekend so that’s a win.
  • Our Ethiopian friends came over and Smiles pretended (?) he did not recognize his native language at all, which made me very sad.
  • Countless rounds of hide and seek, PIG, Knock Out, and Around the World were played with those friends.


  • Those friends also helped me with Diva’s hair and my lack of hair skills became oh-so-apparent.  Seriously, do you even see her hair in the picture above?! it is an art form.  An art form that I suck at.


  • 9 loads of laundry
  • Wiggles “fixed” the walls with all his tools.  Then he gave them a shot for good measure.


  • All of our paper party products became play toys.  Turns out paper cups make a great tower…and blankets become great sleds to slide into the tower.


Yes, life is normal now.

Thank goodness it’s Sunday night and I get to go back to my vacation tomorrow morning.


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