House Hunters

This was supposed to be our nice-peaceful-no major life events year, but instead I started a new job in January and now we are moving.

Why?  It’s a long story….we traded houses with a friend 3 years ago and that term is up this May.  We thought long and hard about buying our current house, but we don’t want to stay here forever and don’t want to try to sell it in a few years.  I mean seriously, can you even imagine trying to sell a house while 4 young kids are living in it?  Shoot me now please.

We thought it would take months to sell the house we own, but it actually sold 7 hours after we listed it.  It closes in late May.  WE HAVE TO MOVE BY MAY.  Holy Smokes.

I’ve spent every free moment scouring houses on the market with no luck.  The area we want to stay in has a lot of cheap crappy houses and a lot of fancy expensive houses.  Not a lot in our price range, and the ones that are in our price range are very 90s-tastic.  And our price range is all jacked up.  I took a pretty huge pay cut to start my new career.  I hope that in 3-5 years I am exceeding what I used to make, but the fact is that there’s no guarantee that’s going to happen and we don’t want to overextend ourselves.  We’re trying to buy a forever home on what should be a temporary income and that has left us both frustrated.  In fact, I’m pretty sure if our marriage survives this it will survive anything.  I mean, newborns and adopted kids at the same time?  Pssssh, that was cake compared to house shopping.

This is how our conversations have been going:

Him:  WOW!  Look at this deck.  This is it.  This is my dream home!
Me:  Is that a joke?  This is no one’s dream home.
Him:  No!  Look!  It’s just so great.  It’s perfect.  This is it.
Me:  I’m really trying to like it but this house seriously sucks.  Look at the laundry closet.  WE HAVE FOUR KIDS AND I NEED A LAUNDRY ROOM!  And the master closet?  Are you going to give away all your clothes because there is no room in there?  And seriously, this kitchen is awful.
Him:  The deck!  The view! It’s so great!
Me:  I’m really trying but I just can’t.
Him:  FINE!  You don’t like anything for less than a million dollars.  YOU ARE A DREAM KILLER!  (Slams door and storms downstairs)

Or like this:

Me:  I found it!  I found it!
Him:  Oooh let me see.
Me:  Look!  The kitchen island is soooo dreamy!  It’s on a culdesac!  THERE IS AN UTILITY SINK IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM!
Him:  It only has a 2 car garage.
Me:  Yeah, but did you see the chandelier?!
Him:  No, I’m too busy looking at all the work this house would require.  Way too many projects.  No.
Me:  But it’s a forever house.  You don’t have to do all those projects right away.
Him:  And it’s $30K above our price range.
Me:  You can always negotiate.  Especially since I’m an agent now, we can deduct my fee from the price.
Him:  We’d have to cut giving totally out of the budget and knock grocery way down and you won’t be able to support any causes or buy your hippie organic food.  In fact we’re probably going to drain our savings just to live and you will have to give plasma again like you did in college.
Me:  FINE!  We’re never going to agree on anything!  YOU ARE A DREAM KILLER!  (Cries)

Maybe we should call House Hunters because I’m positive our house shopping experiences would make great television.


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