My baby girl turned one today!

We put on our party hats, invited our family over, and prepared to party.



There were approximately 18 Million copies of this picture taken and this was the best one.  Pathetic.

There were approximately 18 Million copies of this picture taken and this was the best one. Pathetic.

I’ve never been a Pinterest mom.  Even when I only had one child I didn’t do super-cutesy themed birthday parties with goody bags and pony rides.  The extent of a party I plan is a phone call invitation, some decorations from the Dollar Tree, a few balloons, and a store bought cake.  So let’s be clear the bar is not set high.

But still.  You guys know that I’m a little picky about what my kids eat.  You might remember that for Wiggle’s first birthday party I couldn’t imagine him eating a sugar-filled cake so I made him a banana bread cake.  Having four kids has forced me to loosen up about my kids’ diets…The Baby even has CheezIts at daycare sometimes….but I still watch what she eats pretty carefully.

So when I realized at 3:00 yesterday afternoon that I had no kind of smash cake for her I wasn’t sure what to do.  I had completely forgotten about it!  I was out of town for my dad’s retirement party and her birthday party was this morning, so making one was not an option.  My sister saved the day by doing a Small Cakes run and I tried not to think about how many grams of sugar and artificial colors my sweet little pure baby was ingesting.


I mean, she seemed to enjoy it.


Baby, you are sweet and flirty.  Your eye twinkle is the best, and if you’re smart you will learn how to work that to your advantage in life.  You took your first steps about 6 weeks ago, but then decided that crawling was a more effective way to get around and gave up walking until this past week.  You love to climb up and down stairs, play fetch with Hooch, and watch the chaos that constantly surrounds you.  I’m forever worried that you’re going to choke on one of your siblings’ small toys.  We thought you might never get teeth, but you finally had two poke through on Friday.  We don’t read to you often because you just want to shut the book when we do, but you could be held and cuddled forever.  We love you so much and are so excited that life is calming down and we can just enjoy you more.  In your first year of life I gave you a spoonful of honey, let you roll off the doctor’s exam table onto the hard floor below, and couldn’t stop you from falling down the stairs.  Basically it’s a miracle you’re still alive, but you survived it all and I’m pretty sure that means you’re destined to do great things in life.  Go get ’em girl.  Can’t wait to see what your second year of life brings!


PS.  Only I can post topless photos of you.


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