Yesterday my little bug turned three.  THREE!

The twos weren’t so terrible but I hear the threes are worse.  He already has some OCD tendencies and gets VERY frustrated when things don’t go the way he thinks they should.  He randomly screams and likes to throw objects and can hardly pass a cup without knocking it over on purpose.    He is a daredevil and a risk taker, a confident extravert.  He knows how to push buttons and sometimes does it for fun.  But here’s the thing- I love this stage.  I love watching his (strong) personality develop.  I mean, he gets a LOT of time outs and sometimes I feel like drop kicking him, but he’s just so cute and fun and we just can’t get enough of him.  His little high pitched voice, his funny giggles, his wild imagination.  He’s a doll and I kind of want him to stay this age forever.  Minus the screaming.

Wiggles, thanks for another fun year.  Here are some things I want to remember about this stage:


You can’t pass anything that is taller than 4 inches off the ground without jumping off of it.  The higher the better.  You nearly gave everyone a heart attack when you jumped off a swingset platform that was at least 3 feet tall.  It’s a slight miracle that you haven’t broken a bone yet.

You really do know how to work your body and will be great if we ever put you in gymnastics.  You’re agile and impress us with the way you get around.

You like to “wash the dishes” and can spend close to an hour pouring water from one container to another in the sink.  It’s a better baby-sitter than TV.

You can also entertain yourself for long periods of time with a bowl of dried beans, a couple of cups, and a spoon.


You have a great appetite and sometimes eat more than anyone in the house (or, sometimes you don’t eat at all).  You eat your healthy food but you think it’s pretty great that we now have junk food in the house.  In fact, you think it’s so great that you like to sneak it whenever you can.  I sometimes find you in the corner with some candy.  And the other day you came downstairs before we were out of bed and ate a leftover cupcake for breakfast.

You don’t lie about things.  Afterwards you came upstairs and told us that you ate that cupcake.  And sometimes when I compliment you by saying something like “Wiggles, you had such a great day today!  Thank you for being a good boy!”  You remind me that “But I screamed a lot today.”

The second The Baby makes a crying noise you start to sing ABCs to her.  It’s really cute and actually really effective at soothing her.

Sometimes when I ask you to do something you respond with “I’m Captain Hook and Captain Hook doesn’t listen!”

Other times when I ask you to do something you respond with “Say please.”


I can get you to do anything I want in the mornings if I bribe you with a granola bar.

Anytime you pass small balls you shove them up your shirt, tell me you have boobs, and then find a baby doll to feed.  Lord have mercy on us all if they start to fall down because this makes you REALLY angry.

You and Diva play elaborate games with your baby dolls and teddy bears.  The other day you gave them Christmas, complete with a fake tree, presents wrapped in blankets, and trinkets stuffed in socks.  Then you put on a Santa hat and told Diva to push you in your sleigh(chair).

You still stink at potty training.  You kept saying that “when I am three I will poop in the potty” but that was just a ruse.  It wasn’t true at all.  When I ask you if you want to be a big boy you tell me no.  When I ask you if you like to sit in poop you tell me yes.  I have told you that you can have all the treats in the house and watch movies all day if you just go but that doesn’t work either.


At your birthday party today Diva was drawing a tail on everything and someone asked you if you had a tail.  In front of everyone you said “No, I have a weiner.”

You tell me that you don’t like my kisses and you always wipe them off.  But when I act sad you let me kiss you one time.

You like to ride your tricycle to the top of the hill (or, sit there and scream at the top of your lungs until someone pushes you) and then ride down as fast as you can.  Your little feet can’t even keep up with the pedals and I am quite sure you will die this way.  Sometimes you stick your tongue out and giggle on the way down.

You like to get out the Memory game and go through all the cards until you find 2 that match, then you squeal “They match! They match!  Look mom they match!” with sheer delight in your voice.


I could keep going all night.  Thanks for being our in house comedian.  We love you Wiggles!


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