Moving Update!

Remember how I said we were going to relax in 2015 and recover from our nutso 2014?  But then I started a new job (more on how that’s going in a future post) and then we decided to buy a new house?  There hasn’t been much recovery going on quite yet.

Don’t get me wrong, house shopping is really exciting!  But boy, is there a lot of work involved.

First, the townhouse.  We were lucky enough to get an offer on our townhouse just 7 hours after it hit the market!  This was a huge relief.  We bought our townhouse in 2006 at the top of the market.  We had just graduated college and we were stupid.  We only put $1,000 down (and we borrowed the $1000 from my parents).  We were upside down months after moving in and have been significantly upside down ever since.  We’re bringing almost as much to the closing of our townhouse as we are to the closing of our new house!  But, we’re still relieved because prior to this year the townhouses in our neighborhood just weren’t selling.  They sat for months.  There are dozens of identical townhouses so we couldn’t be that competitive on price, but we did get our full asking price. Even though we’re losing a LOT of money, we’re so glad to close that chapter and move on.  We’re still sending up prayers over this townhouse as the appraisal recently came back for less than the selling price.  Theoretically this could jeopardize the whole sale, but I don’t think either party wants that to happen.  It’s pretty annoying because I don’t think it’s a very accurate appraisal- we based the sale price on comps- but there’s not much we can do about it.  We’re still working through the details but it potentially means we’ll have to bring even MORE to closing than we already are.  Ugh.  Did I mention we’re ready to be done with this part of our lives?

Now for more exciting news- our new house!  Our marriage has survived the house hunt and we found a place we both love.  We made a good offer the day it went on the market and they accepted it!  It’s conveniently located, in a great school district, has a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and is just a nice house in good shape.  The layout is great for our family and the neighborhood has a pool we’ll be living at this summer.  It’s a great house and we plan to stay there until the kids are grown.  We’ve been in one transition or another for so long now that I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with myself once we are settled- and I can’t wait!  It doesn’t have everything on our wish list, but what house does? It has more than what we need and we can’t wait to move in.  Moving day is May 18th!


As excited as we are to move, boy is it stressful.  The list of things to do between now and May 18th seems never ending.  With us both working full time and 4 kids and busy weekend schedules (between now and then the husband will be out of town for a bachelor party, we’ll be going to St. Louis for a wedding, Diva has a dance recital, and I’m speaking at 4 weekend church services, not to mention the usual homework/karate/baseball games and practices).  We have repairs to make to the townhouse.  We have repairs to make to our current house.  We have a house to deep clean.  We have heavy furniture to move.  We only have about 20 boxes packed and about 2 million left to go.  I took a significant paycut to start my new career so movers and packers and cleaners aren’t in the budget.  I feel like I’m the type of person who can handle a lot without getting overwhelmed, but the thought of all this puts me nearly at my limit (but please don’t worry Grandma.  I’m not overdoing it.  That’s why we only have 20 boxes packed.  I promise to get enough sleep and take breaks and be healthy.)

So if I don’t return your calls please don’t judge me.  And if you see a few gray hairs on my head, rest assured they’ll be dyed sometime after May 18.  And if you stop by for a visit, don’t be surprised if you get put to work.  And if you come by to see the new house, please bring me some wine.  Or actually, maybe go ahead and bring that wine now.


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