A Busy Week!

It’s been a milestone week for us Millers.


First, the three big kids had their yearly checkups.  Smiles and Diva both gained over 10 pounds and grew 3+ inches!  And Wiggles went from the 7th percentile in height to the 20th!  He might be taller than 5’4″ when he grows up!


Diva got her ears pierced!  She actually had her ears pierced in Ethiopia.  Smiles told us he walked with her somewhere very far away and that they used something very hot.  However, there was some sort of accident and her earrings got ripped out.  You can see the line on her ear where the stud was ripped out and her holes long ago closed.  The husband said she had to wait until she was six to get them pierced again, so we went the day after her birthday.


Smiles had his first baseball game!  Kid is a champ.  He pitched for the entire game and recorded strike out after strike out! This is a big accomplishment regardless of the age, but in his league about a quarter of the pitches are behind the batter’s back.  He was a good hitter too- he blasted one and nearly scored a home run, but got thrown out at the plate.  He had a second game later in the week and his team got walloped…he played short stop and fidgeted the whole time.  Afterwards he told me he wanted to play that team again, but pitch the next time.  Kid’s got a talent and we’re so happy to see him shine.  Baseball has been a great way to build his confidence.


Diva had her first tball game too, but it conflicted with her dance recital.  We showed up for pictures and then left.


Speaking of dance, could she be any cuter?!  Sister told me she was nervous, but you never would have known.  She did 2 numbers, tap and ballet, and did a great job.  But in all honesty, I think her favorite parts were wearing make up for the first time ever and having a pretty new outfit to dress up in.

It doesn’t slow down from here as moving day is only 15 days away and our schedule is jam packed until then.  The kids have a new rule- if you’re inside, you’re helping and doing chores.  Otherwise, you’re outside.  See ya.


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