We’ve been in our new house for nearly 3 weeks now.  Praise the Lord in the heavens above because the weeks leading up to our move were honestly a low point in my life.

Not to be all dramatic or anything, but they were seriously hard and I could feel myself not being myself…but not knowing how to get back to normal.  I mean, we were moving a household with 4 kids.  That’s stressful.  I was also handling the real estate transactions of both buying our new home and selling our old, despite the fact that I’ve been in real estate for 4 months and don’t have anything to do with residential properties.  That’s stressful.  We lost tens of thousands of dollars on the sale of our old house.  That’s stressful.  We try to limit our kids activities, but all of the spring sports were overlapping with all of the summer sports so we were gone 4-5 nights a week at sporting events or practice.  That’s stressful.  A typical day looked like this:

  • Morning- Get up, get self around, get kids around
  • Day- Work
  • Early evening- Leave work before you’re done to pick up kids and feed them a hurried dinner
  • Evening- Sports practice or game
  • Late evening- Bedtime X4

By the time all the kids were down it was 9:00 or 9:30.  The house hadn’t been touched.  We hadn’t talked.  We hadn’t gone through any papers or mail from the day.  (Thank goodness the teachers give up on homework by April). The dogs had been neglected.  AND THIS IS THE ONLY TIME WE HAD TO PACK AN ENTIRE HOUSE.

On top of all this, I haven’t been feeling confident in my new job (going well, but just a lot to learn and can’t work as much as I would like to) or with my body (overly skinny except my pregnant pooch).  It sucked.  The whole time leading up to our move was just a really yucky time, and I’m so sorry if you are a loved one who felt neglected.  Basically every area of my life was neglected so hey, at least you’re not alone.

But don’t be fooled, this is not a downer post.  We have an awesome army around us! We had friends that came and helped us pack, neighbors that watched our kids, buddies that helped us move, and family that fed us and helped with projects around the house.  WE PRETTY MUCH HAVE THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.  Even when we neglect them, they’re there raining down love and help on us.

Now we’re in our new house.  We still have pictures to hang on the walls and a crib to assemble, but every box is unpacked. The kids helped.




She wins LVP.

She wins LVP.

The mantle is decorated.  The carpets have been pooped on.  We’ve met the neighbors and we’re feeling settled, and let me tell you, a weight has been lifted!  It feels like I’m no longer struggling to keep everyone’s heads above water and am actually having fun splashing in the pool!

And we have a lot of reason to splash.  I mean, for one there is an actual pool.  The neighborhood has a clubhouse, playground, volleyball court, and a pool- 2 pools actually if you count the little splash one that is probably more accurately described as a toilet.  The kids are stoked about this and have been swimming through their shivers.


Our new house is great.  At our old house we literally never ate a meal together.  Our dining room was used as a play room.  The kitchen table only sat 4, as did the table on the back deck.  Now we have not one but TWO spots where we can all eat together, and this one is especially wonderful!


(Sidenote:  Wiggles is a fearless monkey and I am taking bets on when he will break his first bone.  Our house has 2 decks, one is a few steps down from the other.  Wiggles laid down, looked under the steps, and asked “What would happen if I jumped from here?”)

IMG_6672Our neighbors have been great.  One brought us a case of beer on moving day; a week later his wife brought us cookies.  We’re still looking for friends for the kids, but at least everyone around us seems to enjoy seeing the kids out playing.  Which we do a lot.  It’s a flat neighborhood with a lot of cul de sacs, perfect for bike riding.


On one of our off days I took the big kids to garage sales for their first time.  We all found a new hobby!  Smiles found a whole box of Pokemon cards for just $1.  I finally had to cut them off at noon, despite their pleas to go to “100 more.”


We all feel so lucky to live here.

Now the only problem is I don’t know what to do with myself.  I mean, for so long I didn’t know if I would ever have kids or how that would all work out, we weren’t sure when were were going to find a house to settle down in, and I knew I wanted to leave the corporate world at some point.  Now I know who my kids are and where we’re going to live for 20+ years and have found what I want to do….perhaps it’s time for the next crazy venture?


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