So Long, My Faithful Pump

The last time I pumped for Wiggles I threw myself a party.

Not an actual party.  Just in my head.  In my head there were streamers and cake and dancing clowns; in reality there was nothing except a pat on the back that I gave to myself.

Pumping sucks, and I don’t mean just literally.  Nursing= Awesome.  Pumping= Horrible.  Because I would kill my kids if I stayed home enjoy working, pumping is a big part of my life for most of the duration of the time I’m nursing. I hate pumping for a lot of reasons but mostly because it’s just so darn inconvenient.  Most days it’s not a huge deal, just a minor annoyance, but  some days you just don’t have the time or you’re just not in a place to pump.  I’ve pumped in public restrooms, the backseat of my car, and vacant offices.  I nursed Wiggles for 15 months, but cut out the mid-day session (and thus the pumping session) at 12 months.  Then I threw myself my imaginary party.

As The Baby’s birthday approached last March I recalled those giddy feelings- but this time I wasn’t feeling so giddy.  In fact I was feeling downright sad.  The Baby is most likely our last baby.  Which meant the last time I pumped would be the last time I pumped…forever.  It signified the closing of a significant chapter of our lives and I just wasn’t sure I was ready for that.

So her birthday came and went and I kept on pumping. Her 13th and 14th month birthdays came and still didn’t really have a plan for stopping; I might have pumped straight til kindergarten.

But then life got overwhelming crazy. Life got in the way of everything.  I had a few busy days at work where I didn’t get a chance to stop and pump.  We went out of town and pumping went from minor inconvenience to major hassle.  Our car went into the shop for a week with my best pump inadvertently left in the backseat.  I realized I had gone several days without pumping and thought the natural end had probably come.  WIth no fanfare.  And no streamers.  And no cake.  And no dancing clowns.

So my pumping days are behind me now.  I’m still nursing in the morning and at night and probably won’t stop that until she’s nine.  Don’t judge.


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