Happy Father’s Day!

I kinda lucked out in the dad department.

My dad is responsible for making me the woman I am today.  I get my practical approach to life, my skepticism, and my sense of responsibility from him.  He is a wanderer, a lover of the Beatles, a vegetarian who likes tacos.  My dad loved me when I was hard to love (sorry for years 10-16, dad) and still takes care of me as a 31-year-old.  He’s become a father to my husband and my kids adore him.  Thanks dad, for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me and my family.  You’re so very loved!

And then there’s my husband.  Super dad to 4 very young, very needy children.  Not an easy job!  Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing him have a good time with our kids.  The role of dad is so important to him and he is excelling at it!  The kids love him and we’re so lucky to call him ours.


I thought I’d ask the kids to see what they think:

What is something dad always says to you?
Smiles (S):  Close the door.
Diva (D): When you make a mess you have to clean it.
Wiggles (W):  This one.

What makes dad happy?
S: Cleaning the house, don’t make messes
D: Listen to your mom and dad and when people talk to you then you have to listen and no fighting Smiles and me.
W: Eating

What makes dad sad?
S: When everyone is talking and screaming
D: When I get bigger
W: Hitting

How does dad make you laugh?
S: Playing and having fun with us
D: When he tickles me
W; Throwing

What was your dad like as a child?
S: Baseball
D: He really likes to play tball
W: He sat in a booster seat

How old is dad?
S: 32
D: 32
W: 22, no 42

How tall is dad?
S: 125 pounds
D: 28 pounds
W: This big (hands held above head)

What is dad’s favorite thing to do?
S: Play baseball
D: Play at pool and throw me to the sky
W: Catch me in the pool and drop me every time

What does dad do when you’re not around?
S: Cleans stuff
D: Clean
W: Hitting

If dad became famous, what would it be for?
S: Baseball
D: Taylor is a good singer
W: Eating fish

What is dad really good at?
S: Baseball and fixing stuff
D: Lifting weights and riding a car
W: Hitting

What is dad not very good at?
S Looking for stuff when it is lost
D: (Makes clicking sound with her tongue) or jumping high or cartwheels
W: Throwing

What does your daddy do for a job?
S: Does stuff on the computer
D: Be safe and kind and working at places
W: Eating

What is dad’s favorite food?
S: Taco Bell and pizza and sandwiches and beer
D: Cupcakes and cake and tacos and peanut butter and jelly and fish and cookie and beef and sandwiches and yummy beer
W: Tacos

What makes you proud of daddy?
S: When he fixes stuff
D: When he does a good job and will be all done working like Grandpa (retired)
W: Duck

If your dad was a character, who would he be?
S: Superman
D: Barbie…maybe he doesn’t like to be Barbie
W: Super Why

What do you and dad like to do together?
S: Mow
D: Swim and play hide and seek at the pool
W: Drink milk

How are you and dad the same?
S: We both have butts and belly buttons and nipples
D: Both have ears and nose and mouths and lips and feet and hair
W: Butts

How are you and dad different?
S: Daddy’s white
D: Different colored eyes
W: His eyes are just different

How do you know dad loves you?
S: Because we are his children
D: We just know
W:  Drinking milk

What does your dad love most about mommy?
S: Sleeping together
D: Kissing and sleeping together
W: Sleeping together
(I promise they have never seen anything inappropriate in our family….)

Where is your dad’s favorite place to go?
S: Taco Bell
D: Baseball
W: Ice Cream place

How old was dad when you were born?
S: 0
D: 1
W: 1

So there you have it, husband.  Enjoy eating your Taco Bell and drinking your milk and being Barbie, all 28 pounds of you.

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