Happy Birthday To Me!

Today I turned 32.

Several people asked me, “Are you doing anything exciting for your birthday?”

The answer is a resounding NO.  I had years of big parties, fancy dinners, fun celebrations.  Last night I went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse and tonight I enjoyed 90 minutes of quiet while my 3 big kids were at Awana.  Definitely not exciting.

But you know what?  Not to get all cheesy, but I’m feeling more blessed today than ever before.

This year I:

  • Took 3 of my kids out to dinner.  For the last 3 years we have avoided restaurants like the plague because they just weren’t enjoyable to go to, so just the fact that we ate out was kind of a big deal.  I did have to go into mom mode several times, but I also got to enjoy a delicious sangria margarita.  (My 3-year-old also enjoyed that margarita every time I turned my head.  He was more orney than usual but I don’t think he got drunk so I consider this a win.)


  • Spent my first waking moments of my birthday morning with a baby nursing on one side while my 3-year-old snuggled on the other side.
  • Pretended to be Jake The Pirate and rescued my make-up after Captain Hook stole it.
  • Got this from my daughter, who couldn’t recognize a single letter 17 months ago.  It reads:  Love Mom.  I Love you.  Thank you for everything that you do.  (Well actually, it reads:  Love mom I love you tacey for azryan tawat you doodt.  But she translated it for me).


  • Went to work at a job I love.  I got to drink coffee and network with entrepreneurs, meet some business owners and show them 2 different warehouses, eat lunch with my boss, show some office space, and put together a proposal for a pending deal.  I can’t believe I (will hopefully soon) make money doing this.
  • Came home to a prepared dinner and didn’t even have to clean up afterwards.
  • Watched Bachelor in Paradise.  Look, I’m not proud of my tv selections.  I watch very very very little TV but when I do it’s all Bachelor related.  This goes against all my morals as a Christian woman and doesn’t follow my normal theory of being careful what I expose my brain, eyes, and ears too.  I don’t smoke, rarely curse, only drink socially, don’t break many rules, and generally lead a boring life.  The Bachelor and all the spin offs are my escape.  I read the blogs, the books former contestants have wrote, and the tweets.  Don’t judge. (I[m talking to you, husband.  Stop your judgement right now).
  • Had a glass of wine on the porch with The Husband.  Man, the past 17 months has been tough on our relationship.  Adjusting to kids is tough on any relationship, but when you had a transition like ours that had so many needy kids at once it’s really hard to make your spouse a priority.  We’re slowly starting to figure this out and I so enjoyed our time tonight.  Maybe we’ll have a Power Hour again soon.
  • Got a chance to write a blog, a hobby I love but have increasingly less time and ideas for.  This blog has blessed me.  You all have blessed me.  What started as a tool to help me process thoughts has become this thing that connects me with old friends and with strangers.  Thank you all for sticking with us through the messy times and cheering for us in the happy times.
  • Read my Facebook messages all day long. It’s great when my close friends and family send well wishes my way, but I LOVE it when people from my past lives- my high school friends, my college cheer buddies, my business school pals, my previous coworkers, people I haven’t talked to in years- take a few seconds of their day to wish me a happy one.  These simple wishes make me feel so loved, and really make me reflect on the number of people that have played a small role in my life to make me into the person I am today.  Then I feel like a jerk because I really suck at wishing people happy birthday on Facebook.

So this birthday- actually this entire phase of life- ranks low on the excitement factor.  It ranks high on the hard work factor.  But it ranks off the charts on the blessed factor.

As Smiles read to me last night I thought our day-to-day life.  It’s SO routine.  Wake up, get ready, remind the kids to brush their teeth and hair, prepare breakfast, see them off, go to work, come home, go through school papers, prepare dinner, clean up,  break up some fights, evening activities, bath time, homework, teeth, prayers, bed.  Repeat repeat repeat.  It’s so monotonous and sometimes it seems like we’re just doing the same small things over and over.

But big things are happening in the midst of those small moments.  Minds are being formed, lessons are being taught, spirits are being kindled.  Big things.

Maybe when I answer NO to the “Are you doing anything exciting for your birthday” question I’ve got it all wrong.  It’s not a fancy trip or an expensive dinner or a night out, but maybe I’m playing a small part of the most exciting things to happen in my life yet.


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