I Have a 10 Year Old Now…

We’re in the middle of a busy 10 days here at our house!  Yesterday was our 9th anniversary (mushy post to come), today is Smile’s birthday, this weekend we are throwing a friend party and a family party, plus we have a birthday party to attend, and then Thanksgiving and all of the crazy that comes with that, and then I’m helping throw a small shower for my sister and we’re going Christmas tree shopping and decorating with extended family.  Pfhew!

But right now I’m just focused on today and the fact that I HAVE A 10 YEAR OLD SON NOW.  Considering I only became a parent 3.5 years ago I am feeling majorly weird about this.  In another 3 years I’ll have a teenager!  Ten-year-old boys are interesting.  On the one hand, they’re still babies.  Mine loves to snuggle, needs to be reminded of basic hygiene issues, and can’t figure out the simplest of things.  On the other hand, he makes his own lunch, stays home by himself for short periods of time, and has started to ask about sex but I am not ready for that conversation so as I struggle to answer his questions he gets all giggly and blushy and changes his mind.


Smiles starts counting down to his birthday in approximately June, so this day has been a long time coming.  It’s without a doubt his most favorite day of the year, and he was positively glowing all day.  He picked Golden Corral as his restaurant of choice  and beamed as we sang Happy Birthday to him.

IMG_8010 2

Smiles, in honor of your 10th birthday here are my top 10 favorite things about you:

  • You’re so good with your siblings.  The way you play with The Baby when she starts to get upset….even though you keep her screaming, at least they are happy screams and not angry ones.  Wiggles loves to wrestle with you, and you do a great job of being rough enough to keep it fun but being gentle enough to not hurt him.  Diva…well, you’re really great at annoying Diva.
  • Although we often nag you about being lazy, when you set your mind to a job you are a REALLY good worker.
  • Your internal morality.  You have a deep sense of right and wrong.  You value your money, but if you see someone in need you hand it over without a second thought.  You get really offended if Turner pees on the floor and Daddy gives him a swift kick outside.
  • That ornery, mischievous look you often have in your eyes.
  • You love your friends.  You have multiple bromances.  The other day a friend called you on the phone for the first time, and you sat on the couch and giggled over the phone like a teenage girl.
  • I really love that you usually sleep til 8am on the weekends, and that once you get up Diva and Wiggles will go downstairs with you so I can lay in bed a little longer.
  • Now that you’re getting the hang of reading, it’s been really fun watching you read harder and harder books.  I love watching your confidence build and am impressed not only at how far you’ve come, but also at how hard you work at it now that you can read more interesting books.
  • That smile.  Man, you are going to be a lady killer.
  • Every time someone sings Happy Birthday, you follow the song with “Cha cha cha!”
  • Over the last six months especially, you have made strides in treating people with respect and following the rules.  I know the last few years of your life have been a whirlwind, and I am so proud of how well you’ve adjusted.  It entertains me when you want to practice shaking hands and looking people in the eye, and also how you (not-so) gently correct Diva when she does the same and always says “Nice to meet you lady.”

Happy birthday, Smiles.  Hope you had a great one today!



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