Merry Christmas!

Every year since I was in college I have sent Christmas cards, complete with those cheesy Christmas letters.  This year, I just didn’t get around to it.  Because it’t totally normal to start sending Christmas cards as a college student and stop after you have kids, right?!  In any case, here’s what they (would have) said.


I can’t believe it’s already time for Christmas again.  Didn’t I just write last year’s letter?  It seems that the older I get the faster time passes!

A few weeks into the year I started a new job as a commercial real estate broker for a company called NorthPoint Development.  I lease and sell office, retail, and industrial buildings.  I represent the landlord/seller on some deals and the tenant/buyer on other deals.  I also help people invest in commercial real estate as a passive income stream.  I have loved learning about this new industry and am currently working towards a certification in the field.  NorthPoint is a great company to work for.  I feel like I finally found what I want to do when I grow up!

We weren’t planning on moving this year, but we were in a rental house and it didn’t make sense to stay there any longer.  We moved into our forever house in May and love it!

The kids are all so great.  They drive us crazy most of the time, but they really are good kids and it is truly a blessing to watch them grow up.

The Baby is 21 months old now.  She is a feisty little thing!  She has no problem making her opinions known, which I guess is a good thing when you have 3 older siblings.  She loves to sing songs, climb things, point to parts of her body, take things from her siblings, eat dog food, and brush her teeth.  We’re working on growing out her mullet.

Wiggles is 3.5 years old.  This boy’s imagination is crazy; he lives in his own world.  He is constantly building “campers” (most kids would call them forts), making us food, and telling silly stories.  He’s sweet most of the time, but gets at least one time out a day- usually for screaming.  He’s incredibly smart and is always amazing us with the things he knows.  He is finally potty trained but we still find him in our bed most mornings (he recently started sleeping in underwear, so this makes us a little nervous).  He’s fearless and we’re really surprised we haven’t had any ER trips for him yet (knock on wood!)

Diva is 6.5 years old.  If every kid was like Diva I would have 12 kids.  She is my sweet little helper who loves to take care of others.  She is thriving in school and is nearly caught up with her classmates. Diva loves anything art related; I can give her a pen and a notebook and she will be entertained for hours.  She gets her feelings hurt easily but manages to keep up with her crazy brothers.  Diva likes to tell really long pointless stories, but many times we can get her to tell her never ending stories to her teddy bears so we don’t have to listen while other kids are screaming.  She LOVES anything pink and/or sparkly and we have constant battles over when Easter-y type dresses are appropriate.  At age six she wants purses and dresses for Christmas.  What am I going to do when she’s 16?!

Smiles turned 10 in November.  This kid is something else!  We’ve all had to work hard to help him understand what it means to accept direction and follow the rules, but he is finally getting it- and he’s the best kid!  His smile truly lights up a room and he charms everyone with his silly sense of humor.  He loves making people laugh and is great with his younger siblings.  We switched schools when we moved and decided to have him repeat the third grade.  This turned out to be a fantastic decision.  He’s still behind due to the years he missed, but he’s working so hard and is closing that gap every day!  His teachers have been amazed at the progress he’s made in such a short amount of time.  It’s been really fun watching him gain confidence and make friends.  It’s also been really fun watching him strike out batters and shoot some hoops!

The Husband is still doing data analysis at Sprint.  His job is really flexible, which we’re very thankful for with all these kids and my new job.  He’s really been great at stepping up and helping as much as he can.  He did his third half marathon in October and set a new personal record!

With both of us working and four young kids life keeps us busy.  We don’t do anything that exciting, but every day we get to see small miracles happening.  And that’s pretty awesome!

Hope you have a great holiday season!

The Millers


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