And That’s How We Pulled The Tooth Out

My daughter is a beast.

Over the 21 months that we’ve had her, we’ve noticed that she has a pretty high tolerance for pain.  This may come from the fact that her older brother thinks he is dying if he gets a little scratch on his arm (boys!) and she gets off on being tougher than he is.

Since our bigs had no vaccinations when we adopted them 21 months ago we’ve had a lot of shots over those months.  Every time Smiles is nearly besides himself with anxiety and panic.  In the early days I had to literally carry him into the office while he hit and kicked and spat at  me.  It’s much easier these days, but I still have to reassure him approximately 6 billion times. And then there’s Diva.  While Smiles is freaking the flip out, she’s following the nurse around asking if she can have shots in both arms.

She also will run and get the mail barefoot while there is ice on the ground (I dont encourage this).

When she does hurt herself as kids do, it’s a max of 30 seconds of crying before she’s over it.

She’s tough.

She’s had this wiggly tooth for a couple of weeks now and it was driving me nuts.  One side was almost completely out so it was just hanging crooked all snaggletooth like.  I told her Monday evening, mostly jokingly, that if she hadn’t wiggled it out by Friday then I was going to yank it out.

Tuesday evening she followed The Husband out to the garage and got some pliers.

She sat on the counter, working it out herself for a while.  We told her repeatedly that we did not have to yank it out.


She insisted.


After several minutes of thinking about it, covering her mouth, opening her mouth, clinging to The Husband, covering her mouth again, putting the pliers down, opening her mouth, and taking the pliers away, The Husband told her he was done and walked away.

She insisted he come back, handed him the pliers, and opened her mouth wide.


One yank and a high pitched scream later it was out!

She didn’t even cry.

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